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Day 16 - Popjustice Advent Calendar 2017

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by NecessaryVoodoo, Nov 1, 2017.

  1. Well, now obviously I have to go listen to this song.

    Thank you for that great review, @eccentricsimply!
  2. Lemme drop the music video here to maybe convince some of you to watch it nñn

  3. R92


    Oh my god my review is so shitty compared to all of these. Fuck.
  4. At least you have a completed review.
  5. Great review @eccentricsimply!

    Oh no let's right this wrong:

    December 6th 2.0
    God Velvet - Perfect Velvet

    Reviewed by @Kuhleezi 2.0


    issabop x9​
  6. Oh my I completely missed being tagged in this! A review dedicated to me? I’m five days late but I am honored!

    Also this is everything that needs to be said about Lust For Life and more. Album of the year y’all.

    Thank you for this @Kuhleezi


  7. Look at our babies getting promo for their album release @Slice of Life


  8. Yes, it's been strangely quiet on the PM front...

  9. Yes. @eccentricsimply I have no idea who he is. But I am definitely interested now. Also, I am joining the club of getting lower confidence towards my own review with everyone I read.
  10. I’m hoping a few days away will soothe my anxiety so I can write.
  11. This didn't make my year-end list, but I was pleasantly surprised by this one after The Truth About Love disappointed me. We don't appreciate Pink enough round these parts, I've always felt - she's a real warhorse who, at this point, knows exactly how to do what she does best, and at least this time around, how to switch it up when it's needed. Keep on truckin'.
  12. If anyone got interested, Taemin has a repackage of the album coming on the 10th, so you can check that out as well!!!
  13. A&E


    Me on my way to @2014 and @NecessaryVoodoo's inboxes with my review a week late


    * x 2.0
    i.e. the first 2 tracks
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  14. What word do you not understand precious? x

    Ok I'll give you Moonlight Melody... maybe...
  15. I've never been into K-Pop but I thoroughly enjoyed that video-his dancing is wonderfully androgynous. The song was fun too!
  16. Legit just had to add another 250 words of waffling to my review after reading y'alls.
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  17. [​IMG]


    Loved it @eccentricsimply I already really love the album kii, but the review was really amazing and hopefully gets more people into his music
  18. Red Velvet are everything.
  19. hi key same sis.
  20. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    December 7th
    MUNA - About U
    Reviewed by me!


    Whew! It really doesn’t feel like it’s already a year since I reviewed 2016’s best album, Nothing’s Real by Shura, but now 2017 has welcomed a new soundtrack to my life - About U, by MUNA. Released at practically the very beginning of the year, a day has rarely gone by without at least one track from About U being played, and a month (maybe even a week ddddd) has struggled to go by without having to listen to the entirety of the record, it’s just that good. And if somehow you’ve escaped it, firstly WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU?!?! And secondly, this is why you need to fix that blunder immediately;

    Before you even have the chance to ponder on what can be on offer, So Special springs to life immediately, with lead singer Katie’s unmistakable tone purring ‘there’s a few bad things I’ve done/that nobody made me do’ and with that, you’re hooked into MUNA’s world. About Them, if you will. This song is gut-wrenching, cruel and envelopes the pain we’ve all felt when we realise we’re just not quite right for someone. It would be too easy to describe this song as So Special, but it really is. We then go on to Loudspeaker, a rousing anthem with an equally incredible video which sees the threesome ready for action; to take over the world. It’s an impeccable tune that would easily be the highlight on any other record, but this just isn’t any other album.

    We don’t even have time for a breath or a moment of recuperation when I Know A Place begins, arguably their most well known track. This call to arms was released straight after the terrible attack in a Florida gay nightclub, and this song managed to gain a whole new meaning and message, especially behind lines such as ‘I know a place where you don't need protection/
    even if it's only in my imagination.’ It’s what this band are about, bringing people together and making a stand. Their well received performance of the track on Jimmy Kimmel in the US saw an extra verse added on, slamming President Trump. They’re aren’t afraid to say what they believe, and that just increases their value in today’s music landscape.

    Winterbreak is the next track, which sees things slow back down again; Katie coos effortlessly over this cut, which is a solemn affair about a relationship that just won’t work, no matter how often they try to fix it and take it back to where it once was. The girls have such a way with words, and Katie’s unique tone really brings them to life more than anyone else could attempt. Around U follows, and in many ways it’s the centrepiece of the album, their hidden gem. That middle 8 blows my mind every time, just at how relatable it darn is. They’re writing just never fails to impress throughout the whole album. Promise was the first song of theirs I heard and really enjoyed, and my love for it has only grown even with the other highlights on the record threatening to drown it out. The way they can emote so effortlessly just gets me all the time, the back and forth of
    I don’t know if I—
    (You said you would)
    I don’t know if I can
    I don’t know if I—
    (You said you would)
    I don’t know if I can
    in the chorus perfectly portrays the fight one can have with emotion, about wanting to give all but not knowing whether that all is enough, or even if you have it all to give.

    Crying On The Bathroom Floor is another beast entirely - a song that resident pop heartbreakers Robyn/Carly/Taylor could not even dream of, it’s such an electric listen on every occasion. The production is as fraught as the abusive situation Katie’s singing about, and if this is the kind of song the girls can produce on their debut, I’m internally screaming at the idea of just what they could have in store for us yet. End Of Desire is a nice little indie number that while has nowhere near the meat most other tracks on the album have, it’s a perfect reprieve from it all. But if you think that means a drop in quality, you’re wrong! They just know a way around a chorus and how the closing line ‘are you taking me home’ leads onto the album’s closer, the girls just know what they’re doing and they’re doing better than most of their contemporaries.

    Everything. That’s how you close an album, to be honest. All the emotions that have been building up across the album come spilling out uncontrollably. The way the simplest of lines ‘everything’s about you to me’ is repeated again and again, each time tougher to take than the last, it’s just beyond effective. Josette and Naomi, though the background of this set-up, really make it up with their production and writing contributions, and seeing the girls as a collective on stage is just…an experience. They identify themselves as a queer band and they are just more than right for 2017 and for years to come, the world awaits.

    So, whilst the album does have it’s weaker moments (sorry After and If U Love Me Now), this album is stellar and deserves wholeheartedly the acclaim of being the album of the year. Outro leaves us wanting more in a perfect way, and In My Way is a nice teaser for what is in store, and probably is their happiest/most carefree offering to date. Girls, this year and future years is all About U.

    Best Tracks = IMPOSSIBLE to choose, but Loudspeaker, Around U and Crying On The Bathroom Floor is a perfect a top three as an album can hope to have.

    Like these, check out = Dagny, LANY, Hey Violet, Pale Waves, Ralph​