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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Deja-Boo, Feb 9, 2017.

  1. Stan talent!

    Stan Day6!


    DAY6 (데이식스, or as they're also referred to by the general public, GOD6 and SLAY6) is a South Korean rock band formed under JYP Entertainment, which debuted in September 2015 with mini album The Day, named after the day every K-pop fan looked at their previous faves and asked, "why bother?". Indeed, the Lords and saviors had arrived to bless us with great music. So what are you waiting for? Buy and stream Day6's gospel. Amen!

    The members:


    박성진 (Park Sungjin)
    Birth date: 16.01.1993
    Hometown: Busan, SK
    Leader, Vocalist, Guitar


    박제형 (Park Jaehyung)
    Birth date: 15.09.1992
    Hometown: Long Beach, CA, USA
    Vocalist, Rapper, Guitar


    강영현 (Kang Young Hyun / Brian)
    Birth date: 19.12.1993
    Hometown: Toronto, Canada
    Vocalist, Rapper, Bass


    김원필 (Kim Wonpil)
    Birth date: 28.04.1994
    Hometown: Incheon, SK
    Vocalist, Synthesizer, Keyboard


    윤도운 (Yoon Dowoon)
    Birth date: 25.08.1995
    Hometown: Busan, SK

    Former member:
    임준혁 (Im Junhyuk)
    Birth date: 17.07.1993
    Hometown: Busan, SK
    Vocalist, Keyboard
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    aka the Holy Hymns


    The Day (2015)


    Freely (Free하게)
    Out of My Mind (이상하게 계속 이래)
    Congratulations - MV
    Habits (버릇이 됐어)
    Like That Sun (태양처럼)

    DAYDREAM (2016)


    First Time
    놓아 놓아 놓아 (Letting Go)
    Sing Me
    I Wish (바래)

    Every DAY6 January (2017)

    I Wait (아 왜)
    겨울이 간다 (Goodbye Winter)

    Every DAY6 February (2017)

    예뻤어 (You Were Beautiful)
    My Day

    Every DAY6 March (2017)

    어떻게 말해 (How Can I Say)
    그럴 텐데 (I Would)

    Every DAY6 April (2017)

    장난 아닌데 (I’m Serious)
    Say Wow

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  3. YATHHHHHHHHHHHH! Best JYP group now that the Wonder Girls are dead.
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  4. They're not dead, we just got a new song!


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  5. So true though. There was one point where GOT7 were building a bulletproof singles run, but I feel they've kinda run out of steam. I don't want to count my chickens before they're hatched, since we're only on February's single, but I trust Slay6 with this year long project. They're so talented and involved with the music they're releasing.

    Anyway, let's break this thread in a bit

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  6. YATHHHHHHH you better spam this thread with their live performances. I'm actually having a hard time looking for their performances because they don't perform on the usual Music Bank and Inkigayo stages.
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  7. How come DAY6 has like five strong vocalists and TWICE has none?

    Just kidding (don't murder me), but I love how the group is so strong vocally.

    Also, what's up with the member that left right after their debut?
  8. Apparently JYP terminated Junhyuk's contract because he was dating a fan and she aired some private conversations. Just goes to show you should never name a group after the number of members it has!

    And four* strong vocalists, for now. Dowoon, the drummer, doesn't have any lines as of yet, but I hear he's taking vocal lessons so we might hear him in the future.

    Some more live performances:

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  9. Since FTISLAND went on some sort of unofficial hiatus DAY6 are top pop/rock group in Korea. EveryDay6 project is on track to be brilliant.
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  10. I've just finished listening to their first EP thanks to this thread and as @Slice of Life would say...
    So far my favorites are Out of My Mind and Like That Sun, but every track is a 8 or above.
    Let me delve deeper into their discography.
  11. YATH UNNIE!!! x
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  12. Yessss the forum domination is beginning
  13. Since we established that their music is great. Let's explore their ~personal charms~! Jae is co-host of After School Club on Arirang and he's very funny, witty and full of energy. His interaction with other idols is always fun to watch. Here are episode where DAY6 were guests too:

  14. This recognition

    It's almost a curse, being able to stan only TALENT, but I guess can live with it
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  15. first How Can I Slаy lives

    and acoustic ❤️
  16. Their b-side for the March release, I Would, is also very, very good. I'm obsessed with it. It's sounds so epic. And sad. And perfect.

    Why are they so good???
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  17. lmao

    Dowoon the variety king of the group
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  18. I'm kind of obsessed with Wonpil, and not in the "Oppa is fine" way.

    His voice kills me.
  19. They're gonna be performing on Sketchbook! If this is anything like Glen Check's appearance I'm going to die.
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