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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Deja-Boo, Feb 9, 2017.

  1. A good summer song is always something to look forward to.
  2. Yesssssss! I love this monthly release schedule, but I might not survive the year.
  3. I'm glad it's going to be softer sound because my poor heart needs some break from all that delicious angst of previous releases. Let's chill!
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  4. I'm Serious live

    B-side Say Wow
  5. Ah, I'm Serious is so great. And they are all so cute help.
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  6. hehehehe one by one everybody's getting converted to our Slay6 coven. Nobody's safe!

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  7. They only performed Congratulations and I'm Serious on Sketchbook...

    I feel cheated.
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  8. Good news is that they're trending #1 on Naver, so it worked.


    Talk (no subs yet):
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  9. Also, I know MR removed is not accurate for measuring how good vocalists are live, but this sounds sooooo good:

    makes me appreciate the song even more
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  10. I've been listening to this for the LONGEST time and I love it so much...

    Was it ever released officially?
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  11. Updates for May release:

    Young K said that b-side Man in a Movie is his favorite song that he has written so far, and... I can see why. It's gorgeous.

    Meanwhile, we might be getting a full album next month? [​IMG]

    Which makes sense, because with June's release we'll have exactly 12 songs, perfect amount for an album (and what a killer album it will be though, whew). I guess that means we'll get a second one in December? So exciting.

    and finally, the obligatory Young K gif
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  12. On one hand I'm shaking & crying we're getting full month half-way through the project BUT what if it means JYP considers it underperforming and rushes it out? Or maybe they are surprised how successful the singles so far were so they don't want to wait another six months... On othe rhand I want them to finish the project and release singles every damn month. If they drop whole album on me I'll die!
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  13. Sis, relax. They'll be fine. JYPE might be messy but it's no YG. I think it's a really smart move, actually. No, they haven't been setting the singles charts on fire, but this release strategy has earned them a lot of attention from K-pop fans, and if there's one thing K-pop fans are good at, it is buying physical albums. Also, they are capitalizing on the hype while it's still fresh, which is never a bad thing; I mean, who's to say casual fans won't get bored and tap out come December? And even if they were underperforming, they consume so few resources (the songs are all self-made, their MVs look like they have a $10 budget, they don't go to promote on music shows every month), I don't think it would matter anywhere near as much as with an idol group.

    Personally I'm looking at it as their own Misconceptions series. But with more singles. yas
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  14. You're right, I'm just being a dramatic mess.
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  16. YAS finally a professionally filmed non-acoustic I Wait live performance

    and Goodbye Winter
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  17. Well... this got me a bit emotional

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    and a live performance of my favourite B-side, I Would *starts sobbing*
  18. Dance Dance acoustic

    and MV making
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  19. [​IMG]

    This is high-key my favourite song of theirs. I'm so happy we got a live performance of this.
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  20. I've laminated my Wonpil fan-club president card. He just needs every high note. I Wait live is a religious experience.
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