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Demi Lovato - Tell Me You Love Me (6th Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by coolforthesummer, May 29, 2016.

  1. I got second row for Birmingham!

    It makes a change for seats so close to be in the same price range as all the others!
  2. Does anyone have a spare presale code? I ordered the album from her website and still didn’t get one....
  3. I tried Birmingham presale (her website presale, not O2 Priority) and it wouldn't even give me one of the front 3 blocks. I'm jealous.
  4. I just don’t believe there’s that much demand for Demi here... they’ve surely released very little presale?

    Every time I click on a new set of seats they’ve already been taken it’s just... meh.
  5. I think the presales are popular because her core fan base is big enough and savvy enough to be getting their tickets during them.

    I think the tour as a whole will do well because she’s an established act who’s going on her first proper UK tour. This is her sixth album...

    Sure not every fan has bought every album but I think tickets are cheap enough that people who have enjoyed some of her material will be interested.
  6. My friend got us tickets for Block 001 in Glasgow, yas.
  7. Vas is always right.
  8. Literally how
  9. I have no idea, he's some sort of miracle worker when it comes to this sort of thing. He got floor seats for Britney too.
  10. ddd I just found front row tickets on Viagogo for £80 so I went to get them and they tried to charge me £66 for selling me the tickets, bye.

  11. What about my buddy Twickets?
  12. Got my tickets from O2 priority... tantrum over!
  13. I would recommend never using Viagogo.

    A lot of the time they sell tickets that they don't actually have.
  14. General sale hasn't even happened yet so I highly doubt that they'd even have any.

    I used Twickets the other day and thought about you the entire time xx
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  15. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Moderator

    When will that Big Pop Girl Demi reign let up
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  16. Looks like I'm eating my hat - Demi's European tour is currently a sell out in most cities.
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  17. They'll probably need to open more sections in Manchester and London because there's no more seats in allocated sections.

    She's also up to the 2nd tier and selling well their in the Hydro, so she's sold almost a majority of the arena.

    I'm pleasantly surprised! Even Selena didn't sell that much in the Hydro.
  18. I'm torn as to whether to get tickets. I really like her as a person but I think I've only really enjoyed a handful of her singles. But I fully stan Cool For The Summer and believe it should be our new national anthem.
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  19. Is she actually doing Europe or just UK? I want to have my eardrums abused.