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Desperate Housewives (US Pace)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Toxicated, Sep 26, 2006.

  1. She was the best, her rivalry with Susana and fun scenes with Gabrielle were the best.
  2. I haven't watched the show in a long-long time but looking back...Edie was totally slut-shamed throughout the show, right?
  3. Edie was not a nice person
  4. Mvnl

    Mvnl Moderator

    None of them really were.
  5. It's interesting that even though Gabys 'role' was being 'the bitch' character, she's the character with the least amount of blood on her hands.
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  6. I think they did a good job of making each housewife toe the line of problematic and likable. It's very realistic that these women would be a little messy at times. I feel Lynette especially was given really honest material, like she would initially react in a close minded or immature way, only to come around and realize she was wrong.

    Edie was entertaining as hell but let us not act like any of us girls would be happy with her frolicking with literally 90% of our exes.
  7. Lynette was real but my God she's extremely unlikeable and uncomfortable to watch. At least Bree was funny.
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  8. Felicity played it so well too. Like, even as someone who would kill to have her hubby, I never could quite dislike Lynette despite questionable behavior.

    Edit: I have never heard this Kathryn interview!!!! Oh my god, ruthless.
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  9. I really liked Lynette! I always flipped between her and Bree as my fave Housewife. Maybe I just really liked Felicity, though, I dunno.
  10. Lynette was unlikeable but kind of reasonable in a sense. Lynette definitely sold her performance. Tom is so zaddy.
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  11. The exact same here. Lynette and Bree were the two for me. Though I am a big Katharine fan. I even loved Angie!
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  13. Lynette was such an arsehole but you couldn't help but love her because of Felicity.

    I can see it coming back and re-writing that ending like Will and Grace did with theirs.
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  14. How could anybody be attracted to Tom though? He was so pathetic. On every level.
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  15. One of my most enduring and inexplicable crushes. I just adore him!
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  16. He's just very "nice guys always finish last".
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  17. I preferred him on Melrose Place.
  18. It's a shame he never had an intimate scene! He and Lynette had some good ones. I remember being so shook by the episode where Lynette's cancer is discovered. Their heated/angry bedroom scene was really well acted, but I was conflicted by finding his anger sexy.
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  19. He's not nice though. He's actually seriously unpleasant, just in a way that it's disguised behind a nice guy facade. He never supports Lynette or gives a fuck about her struggle. Worst husband ever!
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  20. Were any of them good husbands, though? I can agree for Mike and maybe Carlos during his blind era.