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Diana Ross - General Discussion

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by UnionJackMix, May 15, 2014.

  1. The original CD was sold via some kind of club Almighty used to have. For some reason the planned commercial release was cancelled.

    The original CD (along with various promo remix CD's from the album) have always been hard to come by. I tried to get them for years and managed to get some of the remix promos but never the actual album. Last year a very limited 3 disc bootleg (which looks and sounds great) thankfully came out, which I snapped up.
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  2. I remember hearing that, but around 2014, I was checking out Almighty’s Official Website & they had the full album available in Lossless Flac.

    I hesitated at that time, as the individual tracks (from Disc 1), were appearing on their Remix Compilations & I naively hoped the full Diana Remix Compilation would receive a belated (full) commercial release (which of course it never did).

    The other day, I finally gave up on this ever happening & went back to the Almighy Site, planning to pay for the full album in Flac, but all trace of the relevant page had vanished.

    I wondered if I was somehow using the wrong search terms or if the “Almighty Presents Diana Ross” download page really has vanished from the interface?