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Donna Summer

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 17, 2007.

  1. Much as it pains me to put Dame Donna Summer in the dumper I fear this is where she is destined to stay (her last studio album was in 1991!)

    I just found her Another Place And Time album on CD at my mum's house among her partner's stuff (I sneakily swiped it when no-one was looking; I'm sure they won't miss it and it's gone to a good home!) I think this must be the definitive PWL album - so many strong songs and IMO the best vocalist they ever produced.

    I wonder what she is doing these days? How much effort would it really take to get back in the studio and knock out a dance/pop album to get us dancing (remember, she doesn't hate the gays anymore!)

    I still think it's a crime that I Will Go With You (Con Te Partiro) wasn't number one for at least 6 weeks.

    Come back Donna!
  2. I agree! this is one of my fave albums ever. Fantastic songs. Sentimental is great, I Dont Wanna Get Hurt is my fave though..ooh and that cover!
  3. Loves About To Change My Heart is genius too.

  5. How exciting!

    I hope she gets her finger out and it actually happens this time - I'd love to her that voice over a banging dance track.

    For any Donna fans, check out a few of her lesser known gems I'd like to recommend - All Systems Go, Supernatural Love and Work That Magic. The last one in particular is genius.
  6. vasilios

    vasilios Guest

    Maybe the best PWL album, along with Mel & Kim/FLM!

    I wish the singles where more successfull but it did give Donna a much needed carreer revival. Whatever You Heart Desires, If It Makes You Feel Good (a Mandy Smith cover!), Breakaway are perfect pop songs.

    Check out the C&C music factory remixes of Love's About To Change My Heart. Oh and kill whoever decided to remix I Don't Wanna Get Hurt for single release.
  7. Actually, being a pedantic twat, Mandy Smith's version is a cover of a track on Princess's album (she who had a hit with 'Say I'm your number one'), but Donna, having a voice from God, does the best version.
  8. Agreed, Donna's version is by the most danceable. Has anyone heard the Razormaid remix of I Feel Love? It's gotta be my favourite of hers. I'd love to get my hands on a 12-inch of Our Love (steady!). And the Bad Girls album is just classic. To the poster who mentioned a few of her lesser-known tracks, check out Supernatural Love. Oh and I Will Live For Love, it's an absolute camp-fest.
  9. Oh I just noticed you said Supernatural Love *dunce*

    Well done you! I love it.
  10. Why thank you!

    I love I Will Live For Love too, I'd love an album of stuff like that and I Will Go With You - I'd be in gay heaven!
  11. Is no-one a fan of her groundbreaking 70s work?

    The 17 minute MacArthur Park? The Try Me, I Know, We Can Make It extended 3 part stormer? The Disco musical that is "Once Upon A Time"? The beat driven "Our Love" from the Bad Girls set?

    Donna's S/A/W album was brilliant, but it was late flash of greatness and by far not her best work.
  12. I love the Bad Girls album and adore No More Tears and Love's Unkind. I've also got a sort of concept album divided up by the seasons eg summer, winter but I can't for the life of me remember what it's called. Overall though I'm more a fan of Donna's 80s material and more recent club tracks.
  13. Oh, PREACH!

    No More Tears is a legendary song!
    Her back catalog from that big disco era are just truly masterpieces. Things just CANT GO WRONG when you put 'On the Radio', 'She Works Hard For the Money', 'Bad Girls', and the legendary 'Last Dance' on.

    Anyone here has her VH1 live DVD? I think THAT is a true example of a perfect show!
  14. Yes yes! The 17 min version of MacArthur Park is on The Dance Collection album, it's absolutely brilliant. As I said before, Our Love is the dogs. Does anyone know if there's a extended mix of it available?
  15. Sorry Babyhunk, I totally overlooked your post! I love "For Your Love" (or is it "With Your Love" on that album- it goes by both names it seems) on the Dance Collection, but the version on the "Thank God It's Friday" soundtrack is even better. Tighter and more thrilling. I'm not sure about an extended version of "Our Love". I can only imagine how amazing it would be.

    And the concept album about the seasons is "4 seasons of love". I picked up a vinyl version in a second hand shop which still had the (hilarious) free calendar. I can never understand why "Winter Melody" gets overlooked so often. It's utterly gorgeous.
  16. I always though Kylie should cover ''Sunset People''
  17. "Sunset People" is a diamond track. So many of Donna''s lesser known songs deserve to be remembered more than they are. "Eyes", "Heavens Just A Whisper Away", "All Systems Go" etc. It would be brilliant to get a slightly more off the wall compilation of her non album B sides and extended versions released, and a nice remaster/repackage of "Another Place In Time".

    Did anyone else think that "Whatever Your Heart Desires" was wasted on a B side?

    Roll on 2008 for the new studio album.
  18. YES YES YES !
    My first Donna purchase was the 7'' of 'This Time I know It's For Real' (which I still heart dearly),but I used to play that B side over and over.It was the B side that made me go buy the LP of Another Place & Time (which I've since bought on CD).Every track is a gem.
    The cover photo is insane - especially when there's was such a stunning pic on the flip side that would have made a far more gorgeous cover (with the denim jacket).

    I 've since bough the compilation 'Endless Summer'...and while it IS (mostly) good,I tend to reach for 'Another Place & Time' more often than not.
  19. Maleström

    Maleström Guest

    Sorry to be bumping such an old and forgotten thread, but my uncompromising research revealed a grievous case of pop injustice here:

    In the only Donna topic @PJ nobody's mentioned the classic Once Upon A Time double album! Which I for one rate right up there alongside Bad Girls, my favourite. Not convinced? Just have a listen
    First three songs:
    Two more:
  20. Poor Donna :(