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Donna Summer

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 17, 2007.

  1. It really is a great reissue - you get a demo of "Bad Girls", a second disc of glorious extended mixes, excellent liner notes, beautiful pics. It's a digipak but one that was made back when Universal cased them in the plastic holders so it wouldn't get damaged. Like the Diana Ross diana deluxe.
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  2. Don't worry, she will!

    By the time Bad Girls is done you will be recreating the 17 minute long Love To Love You Baby.
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  3. The re-issue sounds amazing too!
  4. Well, I wish that were true but that pvc slipcae does nothing for shipping protection of the spine. That's why I have three copies of each of Bad Girls and Diana and only one is in perfect condition.
  5. Scored myself the heart-shaped picture disc of This Time I Know It's For Real in Mint condition with stickered sleeve at a record fair for like 3.5£
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  6. I'm a bad person, but I've only just now ordered the 3-disc version of Another Place and Time.
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  7. Better late than never!
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  8. I'm sure you just wanted to be sure it wasn't full of errors.
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  9. Ha ha, you can't be too careful these days. I'm always going through periods where I become obsessed with one artist or genre. My last PWL phase was quite a while ago and I covered the reissues from Princess and Mandy to Mel & Kim. Then I cooled down a little. Lately I've been heavily into the 'moaning' extended versions of her 70s hits and thought I should finally get this one.
  10. She wouldn't be able to get away with ha iconic GeishaDonna look these days.
  11. Think you could well be right about that.
  12. Cultural appropriation is slammed these days as wrong. But what gets me is pretty much every big pop girl from the 90s did it at one point. Hell, Gwen Stefani make a career out of it! Donna obviously led the way!
  13. I think Donna at times never gets enough credit for her style.
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  15. I read somewhere Donna loved shopping and loved clothes. Fitting for a diva!
  16. I can see this in me and my boyfriend's future flat already, all proudly hung.
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  17. So, the deluxe "Bad Girls" has arrived and I'm gonna get ya back in a couple of days about it. I'm a very strange Donna listener, as in I only have her new 80's box set housing all of those wonderful albums, but no greatest hits. I also have "She Works Hard For The Money" on vinyl, but that's about it.
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  18. Enjoy. I wish I could relive listening to Bad Girls for the first time. Such an experience.
  19. You must report back with your findings!
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