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Donna Summer

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 17, 2007.

  1. [​IMG]

    What a weave!
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  2. What a weave, what a woman.
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  3. Yep!
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  4. Serving weave and face for the gawds! Queen of photography!
  5. That weave would be ideal for your hotly anticipated drag debut.
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  6. And it would work for my lip sync debut to This Time I Know It's For Real!
  7. Which you could then rip off and slip into your crimson red weave for a rousing rendition of Frida's Shine.
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  8. Roxxxy Andrews heaux?
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  9. Never gets enough love.
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  10. That is quite the statement hat.

    Only an icon.
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  11. Queen of scrunchies.
  12. I think Donna could rock near enough anything. Here she is Voguing, pre Maodnna:

  13. Was anyone here ever lucky to see Dame Donna Summer live?

    She was my fantasy special guest at the 2012 PWL Party in Hyde Park but sadly that was not to be.

    To have seen her at the peak of her powers would have been mindblowing!
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  14. Yes, anyone whom did get to be so lucky to see her, please share!
  15. I've been chilling to Whispering Waves a lot.
  16. I had the privilege of seeing her about ten years ago but it feels like yesterday.

    She looked and sounded great (as usual). A total hits show and a family affair as her husband and sisters were part of the band.

    Surprisingly she did a medley of Cold Love and Love to Love You Baby.

    When she started On the Radio she invited people up to the stage and I regret not barging my way onto the stage to be one of her backup singers.

    The thing about Donna was that even though she was known for her past hits, she never came off as a nostalgia act because a) her voice still sounded spectacular and hadn't aged in 30 years and b) her songs remain timeless.
  17. I'm currently heading to see my parents with my boyfriend and This Time I Know It's Real has popped up on shuffle. The unabashed grin on my boyfriend's face says it all.
  18. I saw her live twice - the first time around 2005 - I remember being thrilled that she did more than a few songs from Once Upon a Time.

    The second time was in 2008, when she was promoting Crayons. My favorite (wtf?) memory of that night was the backup dancers performing in front of a life-size iPod.
  19. He he! That is so cute sis.