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Donna Summer

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by idratherjack, Mar 17, 2007.

  1. I thought she had completely turned her back on Love To Love You Baby post-bornagainwhateverthatstuffis
  2. She did and she refused to perform them for more than 25 years but she did end up embracing them in the later stages of her career.
  3. Just reminded myself of the chart run of Melody Of Love in the UK.


    What the actual fuck? Should have been massive.
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  4. I know! Total madness. Such a good song.
  5. She needed to work with Clivilles and Cole much earlier (aside from their brilliant mixes of Love's About to Change My Heart). If she wasn't going to work with SAW again, she should have went with C&C.
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  6. Yes, Donna and C and C worked well together.
  7. C&C are an act I never got into. I love a handful of their mixes but the majority are not my style. What do you regard as their best work? Any non-SAW mix of Love's About To Change My Heart pretty much castrates the song for me.
  8. I think C&C were responsible for a lot of good remixes at the time but when I think of them I only really think of the big hits like Sweat and Things That Make You Go Hmmm.

    I'm sure they did some good single mixes but I just can't think of any off top of my head. Perhaps because I just think of them as the definitive mixes?

    Did they do Ce Ce Peniston's stuff?

    EDIT: No that was Hurley (who also did Kym Sims)

    Didn't they do Mariah's album?

    EDIT: Yes - Make It Happen is therefore the best thing they ever did!
  9. Didn't they do an Aretha song that was used in a Sister Act movie? I think I liked that.
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  10. Yes I loved that too!