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Drag Race T Thread: Season 10 *SPOILERS*

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jwentz, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. I completely agree.
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  2. Based off of Trixie and Kennedy being the top 2 I wouldn't say it's a certainty that Trixie will win at all. If they do a final lipsync I can't see her beating Kennedy.

    That is the correct top 2 by the way.
  3. Ddd this perfect gif
  4. I thought it was Trixie and Bebe?

  5. Has the Bebe being a mole twist been confirmed or denied by any spoiler sources? I'm so bummed that Shangela isn't even in the Top 2.
  6. If that rumour is true then what a shit ending.

    It's this sort of crap that puts me off reality shows.
  7. @HollyDunnSomething confirmed it not to be true in here a few pages ago.
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  8. Ah cheers. That's a shame for Bebe but still the exposure was all she really needed.
  9. As long as she wins a challenge along the way, this silly twist works out better for her than the rest of them. Her not advancing won't be seen as performance based and she won't look like a flop past winner.
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  10. This is exactly why there won't be a lipsync to decide the winner.
  11. I need to see more from Trixie the next few episodes to even consider her a winner and that's coming from someone who is a major fan of hers.
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  12. I'm really excited to see the Snatch Game performances.
  13. #teamkennedy
    "oo we heeya"
    My crystalised queen needs to take the crown
  14. That's a shame. If the crowning is going to feel spoiled anyway by not having Ben there, at least I wanted Bebe to be the first queen to win twice.
  15. This is a mess I can wait to see.
  16. Even if Ben isn’t the most exciting winner and leaves on her own I am gonna be so annoyed if two seasons in a row the statistical front runner doesn’t win. It just makes the winner more underwhelming.
  17. I don't necessarily think it has to be the statistical front runner but it has to be someone who's not that far behind. As in I would have been happy for Trinity to win Season 9, but not Sasha (mainly because she had 2 wins that weren't even exclusively hers). With Ben out of the way, it's *possible* (though unlikely) that Kennedy or Trixie could be statistical frontrunner of the final 4.
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  18. Isn't it pretty much impossible Kennedy and Trixie could be statistical frontrunners if Shangela has the most lipsync wins? Especially considering Trixie bombs Snatch game this week and Shangela still has to pick up a couple of lipsync wins in the remaining weeks?
  19. If Trixie does indeed flop in Snatch Game then does this mean we can finally put to rest the idea that Trixie is a comedy queen?
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