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Drag Race T Thread: Season 10 *SPOILERS*

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jwentz, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. Chill Jan, she just did well on the improv challenge.
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  2. I think Trixie is funny but her humour doesn't suit a lot of the challenges on the show. And if we're coming supposed comedy queens for not being funny, then all of our dragging should be directed towards Ginger fucking Minj.
  3. Whoever said Trixie is a great drag queen but not a great drag race contestant is spot on.
  4. I agree Trixie needs to step it up to earn this crown, but you're all talking like she's bombed every challenge when she's actually done pretty well in all 3 of them.

    Also, I don't think anyone said she bombs Snatch Game, just that Ru doesn't get it. She might just be safe again?
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  5. From what I heard, she just scrapes by because Ru doesn't like it. So this either means that 2 other queens are worse and she is a "low" safe OR she's bottom 2 and doesn't get the chop (chop chop chop chop etc.)
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  6. Let's not do too much on Tracey.

    Her humor flourishes on an edited youtube show but she's a bit too sarcastic and pop culture referencing to keep up with the likes of Shangela who has the whole OKAY MAWMA lexical down to a t. That egg beating the other 3 finalists in season 9 will always be a bigger injustice.
  7. She was pretty rubbish in that challenge in my opinion.
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  8. She's not bad unedited either.
    Her show was good, but you can tell her humour is dark, and WoW would probably get in trouble if they let her loose.
  9. I’d be pleased to see a Trixie win to be honest, but watch there only be a bottom two next week to shaft Chi Chi and whoever else doesn’t perform and keep her safe.
  10. So I guess Ben is going to get top 2 again this week, but I will assume whoever else is in the top 2 will win the lip sync. Otherwise Ben would have 3 lip sync wins by the time he goes which would be nearly impossible for Shangela to beat.

    My guess for the other top 2 is Bebe. Now we know that she isn't a mole, there's no way they're going to let her leave at top 4 without a single win. Grace Jones on snatch game seems like a potentially winning turn for her so I'll go with that. She also seems like she could easily outshine Ben at a lipsync given the two she did in season 1.
  11. Shangela is one of the winners this week, I don't know who the other one is.
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  12. I’m dead.
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  13. Queen of doing well and then getting screwed over by bitter losers

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  14. Doesn't Ben win first 5 challenges
  15. 5 of the 6. It's definitely not the first 5 because she wins week 6.
  16. BTG


    Ben wins 5 out of 6 challenges, not the first 5. He can't win the first 5 because one of those 5 wins has to be episode 6 (the self elimination). So Ben either isn't top two during snatch game or the Warhol Ball.

    EDIT: What @HollyDunnSomething said.

    If Shangela wins this week and presumably the lip sync too, I can't imagine Trixie is bottom two because Shangela would get rid for a kii.
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  17. Based on the trailer we got, could it be Aja (When we see her hugging Trixie)?
  18. I really do not want to live in a world where Trixie wins due to some bitter competitors creating a vacuum for the crown.
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  19. I don’t even think Shangela would do that to be honest. Unless she was up against like Kennedy or Ben.
  20. Don't think so. Aja's makeup in this week's trailer isn't the same as that in the hugging photo.
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