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Drag Race T Thread: Season 10 *SPOILERS*

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jwentz, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. clock the mug
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  2. Honestly between the Bitchelor, Snatch Game and the Warhol Ball, this may be one of the best runs of challenges ever
  3. Why am I weak at this
  4. Trixie winning is admittedly not as fucking terrible as the Sasha Velour win but lord help.

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  5. I think Sasha's win was well-deserved. How many times was she fucked over so that other queens on set could win some challenges? If Sasha had been awarded her rightful wins (Snatch Game, The Roast, The Gayest Ball Ever, and the crew makeover challenge) then her victory wouldn't have been a problem. Instead...well, we saw what happened. I accept that Shea won more challenges though and should have been crowed. It was terrible to see her give up and fade away in that final performance. Sasha was far more popular too. Popularity is the new deciding vote, it seems. And that brings me to..

    Trixie. You all know my opinions of her and how she benefitted from Katya's patronage and fanbase. And Katya will never get a crown because she competed on a proper season of All Stars with actual All Stars, Final Three queens, and Fan Favourites.
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  6. The Snatch Game is the only one of these that’s realistic. Her cowgirl look was atrocious.
  7. No one won that Snatch Game tibb
  8. The other queens had at least one weak look as well. Peppermint had more than one...no, let's not. I maintain that Sasha should have won those tasks. She was better than the others. The Roast in particular going to Peppermint was a moment of inaccuracy!
  9. You’re correct, Shea’s opening was better. Sasha still had a dud in her’s no matter how well she played it off.
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  10. Sasha is the ultimate white bread of Drag Race winners for me so far and nothing will change that. Not to mention how groundbreaking and deep she thinks she is when she's literally a puddle.
  11. Sasha isn't groundbreaking, I agree. She'll use her crown in the best possible way though. She has already helped the drag community more than most of the winners. Goodness, she gave Vander Von God a regular job at her club night. Praise be!
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  12. I agree with @Kirkland tho

    That unicorn outfit deserved a win.
    Her roast had Michelle gasping for air.
    And the VE LO UR momento in the makeup one was cute.

    So yes, she was fucked over and I don’t understand the backlash she’s received.

    If you ignore her commentaries (art art art) and just focus on what she brought and wore, she was great.
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  13. Yet her looks were also an extension of her tired art shtick.
  14. I have to feel kindly towards Sasha because ultimately I am resigned to the fact that if I was a drag race queen no matter how much I'd like to be a Raja, Courtney Act, or heck I'd even take Pearl, I sadly know I'd be a sloppy hybrid of Sasha, Max and Joslyn Fox.
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  15. You wish you could be as iconic as Joslyn.
  16. I'm talking personality...actual talent wise I'd be a Serena Cha Cha Sasha Belle on a bad day.
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  17. At least Sasha Belle has the iconic Drunk Makeover YouTube show, so that's something to aspire to at least, even if she sucked on Drag Race!

    And he's a hot zaddy too. Milk who?
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  18. Would anyone happen to have a link to the video of Nina Bo’Nina Brown dancing to J-Lo? Pls.
  19. It's not Pearl's fault that her vocal fry was more interesting than Trixie's overcompensating personality.

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  20. R92


    I'm glad she's following in the royal drag promotion footsteps of Mimi Imfurst.