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Drag Race T Thread: Season 10 *SPOILERS*

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jwentz, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. So there's no chance of Cracker getting in a win before she leaves then?
  2. It's looking... iffy. If speculation is correct, and next week is the top 5 makeover challenge, she does stand a chance in a) being a good seamstress, and b) having a definable aesthetic/brand, but the following week is when she's due to be eliminated, so episode 10 will likely be her last chance. That being said, I could see another win stacking up for Asia/Aquaria/Eureka, as they're all meant to be pretty level upon entering the finale, and potentially two of them will win this week.

    I'm not sure what would be more heartbreaking - seeing Cracker never achieve a win, or seeing her finally achieve one in episode 10, only to crash out the week after.
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  3. So what is the exact date we're expecting Cracker to go home? I'm going to have to provide emotional support to my friends at the viewing party that night and need my schedule to be open
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  4. I have a feeling that, in the preview, Kameron mentioning that the other girls 'now have her on the radar' will serve a dual purpose within this episode, as it's one thing to witness a competitor claim a win, but it's another to witness her tear a lipsync to shreds.
    May 31st. It's the night where Cracker and Kameron are joint hosting a viewing party at Roscoe's, so... eek.
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  5. "Kill them Kameron, kill them for me."

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  6. Hope Aquaria manages to win the make over challenge next week and goes on to the finale being the only one with 3 wins and no lip-syncs.
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  7. YES. If she doesn't win the makeover, I'll be astonished. Eureka and Asia have failed too much and dropped into the bottom two. Crown Aquaria now.
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  8. I hope Kameron lives up to the lip sync assassin hype, it’d be a shame if the lip syncs peaked by episode four this season.
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  9. If she dispatches Monet and Cracker then she must be good.

    Oh, I'm here now gurls.
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  10. Aren't we expecting Eureka to be in the bottom again? @HollyDunnSomething said in the other thread no one who has ever been bottom 2 twice has won
  11. RJF


    So do I, because it was the endless subtle-as-sledgehammer, "Oh... but maybe her talents lie elsewhere... like... lip syncing? Giggle!" posts from about two weeks into this season in the other thread that led me to the conclusion she was going to punch out people with personality before I even checked in here.

    Some of y'all should be banned from the other thread next season.
  12. Can we declare a moratorium on those kinds of posts right here and now for the next season please? I get it but also I get it
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  13. I mean it's speculation on my part but it hasn't happened before.
  14. Yeah but never has the person without the most wins not won until last season. You just never know.
  15. Agreed, the subtext in the other thread always leads to the top queens far too quickly.
  16. I noticed that as well as the Instagram videos showing off Kameron's lipsyncing skills to anyone that cares to press play. Maybe @HollyDunnSomething you should delete that post? I think most posters have worked out that Cracker doesn't make it into the Final Three though. You can sense a lot through the edit. Even if I didn't know, I'd know.
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  18. *Gasp*

    I want her to win so much.
  19. the thread kinda mirrors the pit stop chats which are truly wild to witness when you know the tea.

    A true highlight was Gia announcing Kennedy and Trixie as front runners while Alaska tried to cover by saying ‘Um what about Bendela who is winning every challenge?’.
  20. The yellow shirt she was wearing in the damn work room the other week was vintage Versace, costing over $1000.