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Drag Race T Thread: Yes We Have New Spoilers

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jwentz, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. I think Val gives her best as a lip-syncher when she does slow, dramatic songs. She's not as arresting with uptempos, honestly. She's also very precise usually, her lips don't miss a word. That's the thing that leaves me the most flummoxed ft. Britney about the rumours.

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  2. I'm really so shook. My fave has never not been Top 3. How will I cope? I've never had to endure an elimination!!

  3. Katya was hard for me.

    Not to mention the mess that was AS2
  4. We can hope for top 3 of AS3.
    If that ever happens.
  5. Apparently she's painted but leaves the mask on. Ru stops the lip sync and asks her to take it off. Eventually she does and she doesn't know the words. I don't think it's going to be that dramatic unfortunately (aside from the elimination itself smh!).
  6. Ya know, the producers involved with this show really aren't shit. The fact that leaks happen is ridiculous. While I read them and love getting the tea, it still comes off as so unprofessional on the show's part.

    It's just crazy to me that a fan favorite is about to go (something that should be a massive surprise, and would garner a lot of conversation post elimination) and all of the hardcore fans already know. Former contestants are all on social media kii'ing with the fans about it, just to bring attention to themselves. VH1 needs to get this shit on lock next season.

    What's the NDA situation with RPDR? I thought it was pretty strict, I don't get how season after season this happens.
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  7. To be fair, I don't expect any less from some messy WeHo queens working on the show dd. No shade, but it's part and parcel of a show like this (i.e. a very "gay" show about drag queens), and almost adds to the enjoyment in a way. I am a little surprised actual images have been leaking though.
  8. The dramatics in this tweet though oh my god
    ...sure, Jan.
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  9. Yeah, I agree with everything you said, especially the adding to the enjoyment part! And, nñ, I know it's the messy gays. They can't keep their mouth shut.

    These leaks do need to be majorly scaled back though. The only thing that needs to get out there is the cast info leading up to the season. Possibly future challenges I guess, I don't think it's that big of a deal. Elimination is just a bit too far. This show has *always* had this problem. I remember back in what, season 6? episodes would routinely leak early. (As far as I know) this doesn't seem to be a problem with other reality competition shows, RPDR is its own little special breed.
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  10. I wouldn't be surprised if this week gets a nice ratings bump from all the chatter on social media, maybe all the hype for a big episode might actually do well for the show.
  11. I don't mind the leaks but I wish we didn't extensively know how this is probably gonna play out. I'm more mad about the promo revealing some of these incredible looks. You can't give us an amazing runway theme and ruin the excitement!! I can't even imagine how I'd react to Peppermint's if we didn't see it in the Season 9 trailer.
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  12. I'm glad we got a photo of Val's runway, cause I can appreciate it properly instead of getting a 2 second glimpse on the show.
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  13. There's not very many videos out there of Valentina performing, but her go to song is Asi Fue. My guess is that she doesn't rehearse very many other songs and she's probably not much of a dancer.

    I'd imagine you'd probably be able to pull through a lipsync where you didn't know the words (it's happened before) if you could do the movements timed right and still be engaging. Especially given her show record over Nina's.

    The producers already know the younger fans act irrationally so this seems like a way to get people to dislike Nina more and justify her leaving the following week
  14. It's interesting to me that the only reason they moved to the current finale format was because of Perez leaking Raja's win back in season 3, but they still haven't managed to work out how to stop literally everything else from leaking out.
  15. They should start filming alternates for every episode. Every queen gets filmed leaving the first episode, a version of the next episode is shot for every outcome based on that, and so on.
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  16. Uno


    That would be a gigantic waste of time, money, and energy.
  17. Good point, I didn't think of that
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  18. That sounds like a mess.
  19. It is odd that these leaks aren't really an issue for shows like The Challenge or Survivor.
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  20. (I did think of that, sorry my joke didn't work out)