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Drag Race T Thread: Yes We Have New Spoilers

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jwentz, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. The look doesn't scream "club kid" to me, as amazing as it looks.

    As much as I'm living for the drama, why couldn't this have just happened to Bob last year instead?
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  2. I am GAGGED already! Between maskgate and the subreddit imploding, this has been a great week to be a messy, drama-loving Drag Race fan.
  3. But promos reveal spoilers all the time. Just like trailers spoil movies. If you really like to be in the dark, you can't watch these. And that's what I do usually.
  4. I totally agree. This looks like a typical Valentina.
  5. I thought Alexis was supposed to go next week???
  6. Valetina>Nina>Alexis and then probably Peppermint.
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  7. Furthermore, do you think that the producers can predict who will be a "fan favourite" before it airs? Genuine question - I'd imagine so, though their faith in Ginger Minj seemed a little... misplaced...
  8. Thank you - it seems that I can read all the spoilers in the world and manage to gasp during an episode. Memory of a goldfish.
  9. Great question. I don't think so? I assume they have a couple in mind but you never really know
  10. It's a matador look too, which is very on brand for Val but something we have seen on the runway before. Let's see if the bottom half of the costume gives us club kid at least.

    What kind of reverse Mimi-Imfurstian expedition this is. You told them you have Leigh Bowery, do you think you can deliver Leigh Bowery, because you just told us what you do is glamour.

    I'll still love my Empress of Mexico no matter what. I haven't felt so awestruck in a very long time, and I am so glad we are all hopelessly in love with her. She's a legend in the making.
  11. RJF


    I just came in here by accident thinking it was the normal thread and what I saw...


  12. IMG_5098.PNG Welp this just happened on shuffle. It's been decided, girls.
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  13. Because Bob wouldn't have allowed that to happen. He was too powerful and savvy to go home for such a stupid mistake!
  14. Plus, Bob had no issue hitting the runway with unfinished make-up.

    I kid. Ish.
  15. I like Bob, but Kim Chi deserved the crown that year.
  16. Why? Because she looks good on Instagram?
  17. I can't stop thinking about

  18. I love Kim a lot, but Bob was absolutely 100% the correct winner of Season 8.
  19. Uno


  20. Too real.
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