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Drake - God's Plan / Nice For What (2018 Singles)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by VicePresidentJocasta, Jan 20, 2018.

  1. Drake & Nicki need to both come through giving us albums that live up to their potential this summer.
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  2. Eve’s impact
  3. As others mentioned, I don't think the break was long enough and he's saying nothing new, but his stronghold on the U.S. charts is undeniable.

    Sure Aubrey, drop the album.
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  4. I mean, if I could fart into a can and watch it rack up 1B streams I'd be doing the same thing Drake is. I do wish he'd take some time and come up with something great again, but as long as every album has a bop or two I'm cool with it. OVO needs to have Nicki & Wayne this year and I'm there.
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  5. I mean, he dropped his most interesting song in years a week ago. I'm open to whatever this album is gonna be.
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  6. Give us another Drakanna track please.
  7. The man actually never sleeps. Like between mixtapes and albums I feel like he just releases new music non stop. And honestly, as much as it'd be nice for him to take some time off, he keeps bringing the tunes so I'm here for it.

    Hopefully this'll be less of a 'playlist' and more of a well-rounded album.
  8. I’m probably the last person in America to hear Nice For What but I am now OBSESSED.
  9. Nice For What replaces God's Plan as #1 on the Hot 100 this week.
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  10. The male Ashanti.
  11. I still haven't listened. I've been experiencing heavy Drake fatigue since More Life.
  12. Whew!!!!!!!!

    And just like that I'm snatched back. How sad 4 me!
  13. Nice For What is such a Xenomania structure ddd
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