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Drunk K-Pop

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Rainbow Trousers, Jan 19, 2017.


Rules: dont' post inside here unless drunk!

  1. Okay.

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  2. Got it.

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  1. What I heard was "Bonjour, c'est moi Anna. Je viens de quitter là. Mon baton? Il l'a vuuuuuuu. Ok. De lever à demain. Au revoir." Of course, most of it doesn't make sense, so I commend that person for figuring it out.

    She fared much better with English.

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  2. is this drunk k-pip because i forgot the lyrocs to signal after listening once but now its stuck in my head like 3 days??? later omg @BEST FICTION her impacTTT
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  4. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafafsfdfffffffffffffdddddddddd

  5. Tied to the SM Solo Girls vs Rate, buuuut

    I had like three 50 cl beers tonight and I'm walking home now and I'm jamming to Taeyeon's Stress, helpppppppppppppp

    (Feels good to be back in this thread kekekkeke)
  6. Here I am, home from the drag show and forcing my roommate to listen to this trash.


    I am having the time of my life, you guys. Also introducing him to T-ara. Starting with Roly Poly, Sugar Free, Lovey Dovey, and Number Nine.
  7. nevermind we're listening to TT. ayye
  8. everybody clap ur thighs
  9. A drag queen at this drag show im at just did Hello Bitches. I tipped her, but also knew more words than her.
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  10. I made a bunch of homosexuals listen to Zoo and they liked it and I'm so proud of myself.
  11. Bringing this back cos it’s 5 in the afternoon and I’m gone whose with me
  12. WTF Red Velvet Mojito is a great song a ‘bop’ as the kids call it the album is dead long live shuffle for discoveries
  13. Who cares if it's Monday tonight is the one.
  14. I expect clips of you singing Sweet Crazy Love.
  15. can i change my nick name to dashina dashina

  16. wae yeppeun nal dugo gashina

    I just performed this w choreo at karaoke for a room of English speakers to minimal acclaim. The guy after me did sweet caroline and everyone loved it. Im going to burn this place down.

    ETA: Got them back on my side woth a performance of Thats The Way It Is so thats nice.
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  17. Finally kpop party in my city and I hope they will play 4 walls cause I'm ready to show my dancing skills level Krystal...

    I will faint because of alcohol...

  18. Quite literally the best song of all time of any genre EVER.
  19. j.seph when i suddenly sneak into his dressing room:

    j.seph when i ask him to sit on my face: