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Dua Lipa - Dua Lipa

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, Aug 20, 2015.

  1. 1. Genesis
    2. Last Dance
    3. Hotter Than Hell
    4. Be the One
    5. IDGAF
    6. Blow Your Mind (Mwah

    7. New Love
    8. No Goodbyes
    9. Thinking 'Bout You

    10. Room For 2
    11. Lost In Your Light w/ Miguel
    12. Bad Together
    13. Garden
    14. Dreams
    15. New Rules
    16. Begging
    17. Homesick w/ Chris Martin

    This is the deluxe tracklist.
    What she posted in bold is the standard.
    It got put on Genius cause fans have the album.

    I imagine what she posted is the vinyl version of the standard tracklisting.

    Edit -

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  2. Okay but i'm still salty that "Dreams" is relegated to the deluxe with all the other old tracks deemed not worthy enough for the standard. The disrespect.

    And I hope "Running" and the final version of "Want To" leak someday.
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  3. Nice.
  4. what a mess, when will allie x
  5. What are these excuses? Just post them on SoundCloud and let your fans live girl.
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  6. RMK


    Wow MNEK and Miguel. I'm getting more and more excited.
  7. So the deluxe tracks aren't neatly tacked on the end and are instead slotted into the standard tracklist? A mess worthy of this album campaign.
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  8. Mommy didn't get you a popsicle because there was a bad shark outside the shop - excuse for toddler teas.
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  9. These tracklistings are too much of a mindfuck for me.
  10. Lost In Your Light is pretty good but the chorus isn't as big as it should be.
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  11. Queen is giving us: 33 different tracklistings, subverting the very idea of bonus tracks, and revolutionising the industry standard release dates. Legends only!!!!
  12. I really can't believe how you can go from brilliant stuff like Be The One, Last Dance and Hotter Than Hell to a song like Lost In Your Mind launching your motherf***ing album. This is the song that is supposed to sell album?!

    Anyway, I am excited about the track MNEK co-wrote.
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  13. Lost in Your Light is a solid little bop and Miguel sounds right at home on it. I'll believe the album when I see it on my iTunes. Until then... dua the Lipa girl.
  14. It's probably better to not say anything than to basically say you were too lazy to finish them.
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  15. My faith is her is shaken. I'm hoping this new song grows on me or that the other songs are better than this.
    She'll probably release the Chris Martin collab as a single next, right? Wow. I hate her label. This whole thing is messy and this have been said so many times before but I'm really sad right now.
    I hope someone leaks the finished Want To asap.
  16. Want To low key didn't sound finished when I heard it in concert but like.. it really works. Release it Dora!
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  17. Ellie Goulding wishes!
  18. Y'all acting like this new song is the worst thing she has ever done, when there's a certain Room For 2 rotting in the Deluxe edition rejected department...

    She doesn't really sound like Dua Lipa in Lost in Your Light now does she? Whether that's to be put down to a range I wasn't ready to give her or it's simply out of character for her, I'm going to need a couple more listens.
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