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Dua Lipa - Dua Lipa

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by backstreetjoe, Aug 20, 2015.

  1. Lost in Your Light still has that Dua Lipa aesthetic in her songs but it kind of does sound like something her label needed her to cook up in order to re-do her sound or whatever.
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  2. I agree with this comment.
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  3. Didn't Halsey also re-jig the track list for the Deluxe. I don't mind it when artists do that but like.. just release it as the normal album instead of making it the Deluxe.
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  4. I'm quite enjoying Lost In Your Light.
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  5. Does it sound like Nick Jonas like I predicted?
  6. If only.
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  7. I usually trust you, but not on this one.
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  8. I wish it sounded Nick Jonas, but it feels like Dua singing a Miguel track.
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  9. Lost in Your Light is quite nice, it's probably my least favourite of what we've heard so far and I don't think it really fits in with everything else either.
  10. Well I guess I'll keep my MQ rip of Want To and tack it on. The demo or whatever it is sounds fine to me.... but I'm not a record label so clearly I'm missing something.
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  11. I still like Lost in Your Light even though it's a change from the other songs we've gotten so far.
  12. The album preorder is finally available in the US.
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  13. I like the production on the new song but the addition of "baby" to the end of every line just isn't doing it for me. It sounds clumsy.
  14. Lost in your Light has potential and I really want to love it but it just doesn't 'click'. It's not catchy enough and doesn't really have much re-play value. Looks like I'll just keep Be The One on repeat.
  15. I'm really liking Lost in Your Light. It's got a kind of sleekness compared to the other tracks, and it's a nice contrast.

    I can see why it's got a mixed reaction though, and I can't see it doing anything big on the charts.
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  16. I like Lost In Your Light more than the other songs I've heard by her.
  17. Really like this. Also I think Miguel has my favourite male voice so that helps.

  18. I guess it's the single cover? Their voices sound really good together, I like it.
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  19. I'm just fucking exhausted by this whole thing now. There's still more than a month until this is released.
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  20. I love the production of Lost in your Light, too bad the lyrics are just meh and forgettable. Love Miguel's voice so I will use.