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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by inanotherlife, Dec 26, 2009.


    Oh, and Sonia's gone again. Loving Shirley just getting out of prison with not so much as a small carrier bag. Has she been wearing the same knickers for the last 6 weeks?
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  2. Shirl doesn't wear underwear.
  3. There's not a chance they'll actually do it, but I'd be quite impressed if they killed Lady Di.
  4. Aunt Babes curse is finishing them Carters off.
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  5. It must be impossible to get insurance on that bloody pub by now, Death trap!.
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  6. Not one but two lengthy scenes of Donna fixing her fucking boiler.
  7. Hopefully it blows up after gassing her in her sleep?
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  8. Not Lady Di snatching the duff duff like that.

    I'm hoping a stray beam falls down and instantly kills ''Woody'' at the start of the episode.
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  9. Lady Di getting the duff duff for the last 2 episodes. New HBIC!

    I hope she gets best actress at the British Soap Awards.
  10. Jesus what a crap episode.
  11. This has a tone of...surprise?
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  12. What does Sean o Connor have on the BBC? This is excruciating.
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  13. Lee Ryan can't sing, can't act and even his skype wank was crap.
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  14. Oh Steven is gross.
  15. Ronnie would be proud.
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  16. I can't cope with how much Bex looks like Sonia.
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  18. So it isn't dead, but it is slowly dying... and the dog, too!
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  19. Bring back Chrissie and Janine and I might watch this again.

    Not even Steven's return has got me watching. He's not even gay anymore.
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