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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by inanotherlife, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. I despair at it really.

    I honestly don't understand how supposed professional and experienced individuals are able to just let soaps fester like they do. It's not even as if it's that hard to get right - I could make EastEnders amazing again in my sleep.

    People want drama, they want a bit of scandal, a few twists, something a bit camp. Sure, have a bit of everyday humdrum - that's great - but surely the whole point of 'storytelling' is that things actually fucking happen?
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  2. Unfortunately, I think it's probably not a show that has a great deal of oversight from higher up the BBC in term of quality. As long as production is running smoothly, I reckon they're happy. The only time they seem to step in is when the media pick up on fan unhappiness or poor ratings.
  3. The actors surely cant be happy.....
  4. Bring back
    Dr Mad May

    Lee Ryan
    Dean Gaffney
    Danny Dyer
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  5. Another atrocious episode.
  6. So Clarke Kent is also in Game Of Thrones?

    Just go with the suit Lauren. You don't need the condom stabbing crazy in your life!
  7. Can't you just imagine the Vic going up for auction and some random stranger buys it... on behalf of Janine Butcher. In she structs, Sharon-2001-style.
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  8. Nice to see Scaresharon back tonight - even if it meant Michelle had to pull her wellies on for the umpteenth time.

    I'd love to see Janine back, but there's no reason for her to return sadly. They'd need to concoct something spectacular to get her to risk going back to prison... and could they top her Jewish wedding comeback? That was brilliant. She still owns Pat's old house, doesn't she?

    ...and wasn't it nice to see how quickly they resorted to a Hollyblokes-style topless Lee Ryan?
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  9. I can't stand these "pub nights" they keep throwing to save The Vic.
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  10. Jeez Lee Ryan is hot... what a great addition!
  11. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    I would've preferred Simon but oh well!

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  12. Why would she risk going back to prison? As she said in her last scene, she quite literally got away with murder.
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  13. And I mean, who is around to really give a flying fuck that she murdered Michael Moon and framed Alice Branning, angering Joey Branning in the process???????
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  14. I thought she got away with it because she left the country, but I'm not recalling it correctly. She was found not guilty! I don't remember that! But she has no friends or family to come back for at all. No Butchers, no Moons, just a couple of neighbours who would remember her. Still, I'm sure she'll be back one day...
  15. Nope, for once they actually managed to have someone leave without going on the run. Of course in real life she'd never go back to Walford but in soapland anything can happen. I think if they gave her The Vic it'd be fairly plausible as that was always her goal to get hold of it.
  16. Janine will come back the second Charlie wants it, not a moment before.

    Gay icons rarely have reason to return to the square. WHY would Chrissie/Vanessa/Suzy be back? I'm sure they'd lazily write a reason, but the powers that be don't bother, because they're all about ~legacy~ and want to seem credible (which is a ridiculous thing to want to be in soap).

    Chelsea though... I'm glad I willed her into a PJ meme. There are so many reasons Chelsea might come back, and they're clearly determined not to waste Diane as Denise... so why not bring back the daughter who was the most challenging.

    Tiana Benjamin was never bad at acting Chelsea either; she fully gave us an actual realised character. Even if vapid and impulsive, she was convincingly so. And who else would hide coke in the domino set?
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  17. Has there ever been a more iconic scene, tbh? Den and Angie's divorce papers what? You ain't my muvva who?
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  18. Sadly Charlie Brooks has no intentions of returning, She's threading the boards in the theatre dahling and trying to make a name for herself away from Janine. She'll be back one day though I'm sure of it.

    Remember her gran that lived with her? She was iconic with her insults. "Oh Patricia, Still standing on street corners I see" " Richard, Don't stand there looking so gormless you look as if you're waiting for the Hogwarts Express".
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  19. Is the show worth tuning for again yet? Lee Ryan and the returns of Sonia and Robbie aren't exactly making my extended hiatus of not watching creep to its end.
  20. Kellie Bright is back filming this week.
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