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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by inanotherlife, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. I hope Mick's washing powder allergy kills him off and Linda and Fi join forces and run the pub together.
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  2. Remember when we were told that Mick and Linda would never have an affair storyline and basically were a couple that were indestructible? Ah, the good ol' days.
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  3. *Photoshopped image of Sean O'Connor's head on Miley Cyrus's body in the Wrecking Ball video*
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  4. I like how i needed to specify this would have to be photoshopped
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  5. Best "duff duff" moment in a long time. I didn't see it coming at all.
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  6. A genuine "what the fuck!" duff duff! If Sean O'Connor had served more moments like this and less of the bins and the like he might still be around. What the hell is going on with Linda?! Loving it!
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  7. The best part of the episode was the cut from Johnny/Tina/Derek to Jane in the Vic. It was SO awkward. They had lingering looks like audio was supposed to splice in before cutting but it never did, and then Laurie did that weird miming thing like it was all live and the camera cut to her too soon.

    I'm not doing it justice, you should rewatch it. My roommate and I must've watched it five times and there were tears of laughter.

    This show is SO bad.
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  8. I remember that but I thought it was just meant to be because Carmel was busy stewing over Denise to talk? So they were just in an awkward silence.
  9. So what exactly did Elaine need constant care for? She seemed pretty fine to me serving drinks, I smell benefit fraud.
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  10. Linda asked where Woody was when she returned to the bar so I'm thinking he came back and told her about Mick & Whitney and she's all set to leave him. As for Elaine, maybe she was ill but got better and Linda kept it going as a cover story until she decided how to deal with Mick? Seems a tad over the top but who knows with soaps!
  11. Knowing Eastenders I think it's more likely that she's sick and has been hiding it from him.
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  12. Tonight's episode was terrible.

    Bring back Emma Summerhayes, Ronnie and Roxy and axe the Carters.
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  13. We all know it's been shit for a while but Robbie is a new low.
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  14. The Elaine story has one plot hole in it, didn't Johnny go with Linda to Spain when she had the stroke?

    Dean Gaffney is unbearable.
  15. I think she did have the stroke, but her recovery was faster than Linda has been letting on.
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  16. They honestly can't be serious about keeping Robbie? How long was his contract?
  17. Typical. Last Fridays episode was the best duff duff in months, only to get to the next episode with no mention of it (continuation of either Linda or Sonias secret) Instead we get Robbie and Karen Taylor. This is why it is failing.
  18. Yeah, I think this will be the case.

    Didn't Mick go to Watford during her recovery as well though? I love how Linda being in Watford is akin to her being on the Moon. Its like 40 mins away on the train and costs £5-8.
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  19. I literally have to skip every scene isolated solely to this new family.

    Also, I'm in awe that this storyline with Louise and her friends/bullies is STILL ONGOING.
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  20. The mum in the new family is actually growing on me. I find her...brashness quite entertaining, despite being fully aware of how awful she is. And I've noticed they're trying to give her a bit of a human edge as well now. Which I'll fall for hook, line and sinker.