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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by inanotherlife, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. Give it a few months and the eldest son will probably be the only one left standing.
  2. Me too, I quite like her, especially when she broke down when faced with the reality of another mouth to feed.
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  3. "That cat means everything to Dot!"

    ... the cat she had for all of a month and tripped her over, causing a near-fatal accident.

    I'm also so confused by this clandestine phone charger. Does it not reveal its recording capabilities on the box (which he fucking handed to Lauren)? Is it solely marketed for creeps to give to their loved ones?
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  4. I'm assuming Kathy died from the blood loss of her cut after she didn't bother to see what all that noise was that Steven was making.
  5. I knew Keanu would be the daddy.

    Why is Lauren not jumping on Josh and riding him until the £££ runs out? I mean Steven is nice, but you're living with his ex step parents and your ex's dad.
  6. I don't think for one second Keanu is the dad. There's no way they'd make him a paedophile as well as doing an incestuous storyline. Plus the way it was worded, it's obvious that Karen is going to get the wrong end of the stick and go mental when he just knows who the dad is and is doing the decent thing by offering to support her.
  7. I think it was misdirection. Keanu isn't the dad, of course. But I don't believe for a moment Karen would think that even if she did hear a bit of the conversation.
  8. You're probably right, but who could it be? Has to be someone we know, surely... for the ~shock value~

    How old is she? How old is Denny?
  9. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    This show is ruined - another pregnancy storyline, really??
  10. Seriously, that old couple - literally what is the point in any of their scenes?

    And are we really supposed to believe Arthur's bench has sat there in the Square freely over the last 20 or so years without anyone ever having attempted to lift it as a prank or as part of a drunken night out before tonight?
  11. Keanu is obviously not the dad. There's no way they'd have Karen find out at the same time as the audience if he was.
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  12. dddddd this Stephen storyline is so fucking stupid but yas Abi, emotionally manipulate your way to that dick.
  13. I'm also highkey disappointed at any of you growing to appreciate this new fucking family. Absolutely dreadful.
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  14. I do like Keanu though... as long as he's not an incestuous child rapist.
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  15. That feels like far too much to lay on a family that have a) been in it for all of a month b) mostly been used concerned with """"""""comic relief""""""" so far.

    I don't doubt they'll give them something a bit more hard hitting eventually (Karen could actually be sort of okay if they dialled back the charicature personality but that just seems like a lot.
  16. Denny is 11. I was wondering if the father might be the older sister Chantelle's boyfriend?
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  17. "You haven't got your sister pregnant, have you?"

    The single worst moment in EastEnders history. I can't believe that line was approved. If we haven't had news announcing The Taylors leaving EastEnders by Christmas, I'd be surprised.
  18. It's up there with Sam shrieking "You tried to finger me for Archie's murder!" instead of saying pointed the finger at me. At least that was hilarious though.
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  19. I love how Denise goes from stealing sarnies from bins to going on a foreign holiday in the matter of two months.
  20. I'm not watching Eastenders, but I'm keeping up to date with this thread because your collective hate is fun to read.

    Was this scene where the mum asks if her son got his underage sister pregnant played for laughs or was it dramatic?
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