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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Mikal, Mar 9, 2010.

  2. Stolen from twitter:
    Lawrence died as he lived, face down with his bum in the air.
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  3. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    The crash scene was great - Chrissie's wail!
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  4. Just call me Mystic Meg, I posted this a week ago today

    I need the Whites to collectively die immediately and Joseph Tate to move into Home Farm tomorrow

    A ballsy move from Emmerdale to kill virtually the whole White family off the day after Joe bought Home Farm! Ruthless.

    I knew Rebecca's days were numbered the minute she got pregnant to give Robron a lickle baby but she was always more of a plot device than an actual character.

    I wonder if Lachlan will stick around after all his family were bumped off a la Jimmy King?
  5. I’ve had enough of Lachlan. He needs some form of comeuppance.
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  6. I suppose Lachlan will go to Rebecca’s room tomorrow and smother her with a pillow. If Robert gets bored playing daddy, Victoria could take “my son Seb” since she was desperate for a baby not that long ago.

    Tonight’s episodes were really good. Poor Lawrence should have fucked off with Ronnie when he had the chance.
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  7. I know she hasn't done much lately but I'm still devastated about Chrissie. I wish they'd fully committed to making her into the Superb*tch of the dales.
  8. It was like they were heading that way with her and then changed their minds. Such a shame.
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  9. So the phone call was recording the suicide bid on luckys friends phone wasnt it?

    Its not just rebecca he needs to kill

    I will miss chrissie - i just wished she had cried out ‘i am ruined’ one last time as she sat in the smashed up car

    Love how they just threw laurence to the side of the grass and didnt even give him a good bye speech. Pay back for his horrendous ronnie story line
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  10. The only White I really hated was Lachlan and he's the only one left unscathed.


    Do we have to suffer more of his terrible gurning acting?

    Still as long as this cutie is still with us….

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  11. I am sick of Wah-Aaron, I’m sick of the whites and I’m sick of that damn baby. Wish they would give Robert a new love interest and something interesting to do in the village.
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  12. Prepare to say goodbye to your wig!
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