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Erasure - World Be Gone (May 19th 2017)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by michaelhird, Feb 23, 2017.

  1. So it was, I do get confused in my old old old old age
  2. I like how this is a bit moody without being too moody.
  3. The Adam Turner remix of Love You to the Sky is really good. It's much more revved up, kinda like Elevation.
  4. Yes, Adam Turner remix is a vast improvement
  5. Looking forward to this album! I already liked "Love you to the Sky" but the Adam Turner Remix is even better. Let's hope the album will be a good one!
  6. Everything really seems off about this release (even though I've preordered the CD and a huge fan). If the lead single is indicative of the rest of the album, this is a major step down from Violet Flame and Tomorrow's World, which I adored. I also don't like the artwork all that much, nor the titles of the album and most of the songs. Just seems rushed and clunky. I hope I'm wrong about this album. I'm much more excited about the Electric Blue reissue.
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  7. I'm seeing them live for the first time when they support Robbie. When they do Lay On Your Love On Me and any Abba song I will lose my shit and be transported to 1992.
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  8. I have to admit, I'm not expecting much from this album at this point. Still It's Not Over is completely forgettable, and now that I've heard the Adam Turner remix of the lead single so many times, the original feels even more dull.
  9. Lyrics have been a problem for Erasure since Loveboat. The Violet Flame wasn't too bad but I think Richard X helped out on that one.

    The song titles for this new album just sound awful, and the two teaser tracks don't inspire much faith either.
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  10. And the lyrics that you sent for me, didn't come with any satisfaction guaranteed.
  11. Ugh, I wish someone at their record company would take care of their Spotify page. Singles and compilations mixed in with the albums (though not all), some with completely wrong release dates (Total Pop! The First 40 Hits has a release date of 1992, the date of the original Pop!). It's a nightmare trying to find anything in there. Is it just a problem here in Germany or is it just as messed up e.g. in the UK? I expect this kind of messiness for more obscure acts, but not for a band that's still active and ramping up for a new album release.
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  12. On their Facebook page they're pushing the fact that MOJO magazine have called the new album "A triumph of achingly beautiful pop protest" - So I kind of had high hopes from this.
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  13. "Oh dear" is all i've got to say about the new song, as a life long fan this is really the first time im dreading a studio album from them. The Violent Flame was such a fantastic album as well, I still regularily play it to this day along with Nightbird.

    Maybe the album will surprise?
  14. I'm quite liking Still It's Not Over. Quite moody and gritty for an Erasure track and I enjoy them when they go a bit less poppers-o'clock.
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  15. Still It's Not Over is wonderful...
  16. No, it's equally bad in the UK.
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  17. Not enjoying this too much so far ... Andy's vocal sounds like he's wearing a denture ... A Bitter Parting is particularly bad (I even checked the iTunes version to make sure it wasn't my copy that was off ... it is the same) …

    Sonically it's 'nice' and it being a more downtempo affair suits my tastes as far as Erasure goes ... But the vocal is hard to ignore ...
  18. I don't have any issues with the vocals.
    For me this is their best album since Nightbird.
  19. My CD arrived from Pledge this morning - I got the standard CD and booklet in a shrinkwrap and outside of it was a signed booklet. (Which was a lovely surprise as I'd not expected that). Plus the fan names in it aren't in the smallest possible print and are actually legible.
  20. Yesterday I absolutely hated this upon 1st listen, 3 Listens in and half of it is very good indeed, The title track, Oh What A World, Lousy Some of Nothing and Just a Little Love are actually really great and very reminiscent of I Say I Say I Say and Innocents. Its best to look at it as a nice early sunny evening chillout album, I think.