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Erasure - World Be Gone (May 19th 2017)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by michaelhird, Feb 23, 2017.

  1. This album is Erasure's Release.
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  2. I'm starting my second listen. I'm enjoying it - the title song is the standout so far for me. I knew not to expect one, but I wish there was a Love To Hate You/Fingers & Thumbs style upbeat track on the album.
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  3. Finally got around to listening to this.

    As with most later albums I think it is an uneven listen with 2 or 3 tracks that make the whole enterprise worthwhile.

    The good- lyrics aren't consistently awful and songs with camp titles (Oh What a World or Be Careful What You Wish For EXCLAMATION MARK) are a lot better and a lot darker than expected. Sonically similar to Snow Globe. Return of overloaded multi tracked backing vocals like what they used to do.

    The bad- some duds and cringeworthy lyrics. I really think they need a decent proof reader to point out where sentences are awkwardly constructed, or key words are missing. Andy sounds rough on the lead vocals. A lot of the songs require him to reach for high notes he can't quite make. He needs to lay off the fags and drink more water.

    So overall I would say interesting but doesnt quite fulfil its potential.
  4. Oh wow, the album's gone top 10. Was not expecting that, especially not from this album in particular.
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  5. I'm liking the album more than I thought I would. Very chilled and relaxing (Erasure ST part 2). Finally got my non-alphabetized booklet and CD.
  6. It's their best album in years, I am loving it.
    It deserved to go top 10, well done.
  7. I'm so embarrassed that as the moderator of the iconic ERASURATE I just listened to World Be Gone. I guess that (somewhat subconsciously) I've felt their output has been lacking as the years went by, even though I thought that there was a lot to love on Violet Flame. I think that the second-rate artwork put me off to be honest, but It's all a bunch of excuses...they are probably my favorite band of all time and deserved better from me.

    And yes, there are some cringe moments. I've always felt that Andy's lyrics shoot for the moon and when they fail they fail spectacularly. But I think that the least I can do after waiting so long to listen to this album is to highlight what I love and not pick apart what I don't.

    Surprise (to me) there are some great songs! Oh What a World stuck out for me right away, because sometimes they can be samey and this one is definitely different, especially the verses which are dark and deadpan, but not in an electro way like Violet Flame.

    World Be Gone is probably my favorite song after repeated listenings. It really moves me in a way that only classic Erasure songs usually do.

    Lousy Sum of Nothing makes me realize that they are aware of where the world is at these days. Sometimes I assume that they are stuck in the past which is probably just based on how long I've listened to them. It has those classic Erasure choral moments I love and have missed.

    Still It's Not Over might be their most gay-politic moment since Pistol, but it's not too didactic. It kind of reminds me Dreaming of the Queen by PSB (I know that's a reach...just the mood it creates). I really love it.

    I might love certain songs from Violet Flame more than anything on this album, but I haven't listened to it enough to be sure. And I apologize for not going through this thread to see what other people think before posting this, but I fully intend to! And I've also got to hurry up and buy tickets to the tour before it's too late!
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  8. And apropos of nothing, I was just listening to Violet Flame for the first time in a long time, and Dead of Night and the singles are so so good. Grateful I was doing my rate and saw them tour during this era.
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  9. I posted in the Erasure thread; with a few minor tweaks, World Be Gone is a good album made great and the best thing they've done since Nightbird...

    01 Be Careful What You Wish For! (Marsheaux's Paint A Rumour Remix)
    02 World Be Gone (Single Mix)
    03 Still It's Not Over
    04 Just A Little Love (Wider Productions Radio Edit)
    05 Unsung
    06 Sweet Summer Loving
    07 Love You To The Sky
    08 Nothing I Could Say
    09 Oh What A World (GRN Remix)
    10 I Need You Now
    11 A Bitter Parting
    12 World Be Gone (Reprise)

    The companion album World Beyond recently debuted at #1 on Billboards Classical and Classical Crossover charts in the US, marking their first chart-topper on the classical charts there.

    And in-keeping with the Erasure work ethic, the third of the World trilogy is out in June!

    World Be Live - 2CD / 3 Coloured Vinyl LP / Download.

    01 Oh L’Amour
    02 Ship Of Fools
    03 Breathe
    04 Mad As We Are
    05 Just A Little Love
    06 In My Arms
    07 Chains Of Love
    08 Sacred
    09 Sweet Summer Loving
    10 I Love Saturday
    11 Victim Of Love
    12 Phantom Bride
    13 World Be Gone
    14 Who Needs Love (Like That)
    15 Take Me Out Of Myself
    16 Blue Savannah
    17 Atomic
    18 Drama!
    19 Stop!
    20 Love You To The Sky
    21 Always
    22 Here I Go Impossible Again
    23 Sometimes
    24 A Little Respect

    They do seem to have got their groove back so am looking forward to what their next album holds.
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