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Erasure - World Be Gone (May 19th 2017)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by michaelhird, Feb 23, 2017.

  1. This album is Erasure's Release.
  2. I'm starting my second listen. I'm enjoying it - the title song is the standout so far for me. I knew not to expect one, but I wish there was a Love To Hate You/Fingers & Thumbs style upbeat track on the album.
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  3. Finally got around to listening to this.

    As with most later albums I think it is an uneven listen with 2 or 3 tracks that make the whole enterprise worthwhile.

    The good- lyrics aren't consistently awful and songs with camp titles (Oh What a World or Be Careful What You Wish For EXCLAMATION MARK) are a lot better and a lot darker than expected. Sonically similar to Snow Globe. Return of overloaded multi tracked backing vocals like what they used to do.

    The bad- some duds and cringeworthy lyrics. I really think they need a decent proof reader to point out where sentences are awkwardly constructed, or key words are missing. Andy sounds rough on the lead vocals. A lot of the songs require him to reach for high notes he can't quite make. He needs to lay off the fags and drink more water.

    So overall I would say interesting but doesnt quite fulfil its potential.