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Escape from YG's Dungeon (COMPLETE)

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by send photo, Jan 23, 2018.

  1. @Kuhleezi and @KuhleeziMomma will be sending thier lawsuits shortly.
  2. Somehow I think Dr. Kim will disagree after you accused him of being a spy
  3. Yaaaaaasss @eliminathan and @GeiPanda , talents.

    This was a blessing, thank you Legendashina and everyone else making this so much fun.
  4. Also for a season 2 if anyone wants it feel free to take it. I'm not hosting anymore, kii. I had fun but I have my Ayu rates to get working on and I'd like to give other people the chance to play/host!
  5. You're acting like my self-brewed tea on @GeiPanda was clockable when it was flawless.

  6. He


    Meh, we were doomed from the start.

    With the tiny slips we did the best we could (we didn’t do much kii).

    Fun game. But a bit too stressful haha. Not sure OC will reform for the next season.
  7. This is much more faith than I'll ever put in myself even in my wildest imaginations. Matriarch and me highly appreciate xx


    By the way, here is my T on Rainbow Trousers for the last vote.
    "I vote for Rainbow Trousers. I think RT might just be being RT with his aloofness ("I know send photo is just being send photo" t's)... but I also think they are using their personality to their advantage to conceal their SPYNESS."
  9. don't speak for me u little shit
  10. Dad was right on you.
  11. Me being ecstatic about our victory, but realizing there's already other forum drama overshadowing it:
  12. No, Dad was on other women that's why I left
  13. That I didn't want to hear at 17:52 on a blessed Wednesday afternoon.
  14. When we get to debut but YG only gives us one comeback a year after that.

  15. @Slice of Life catching up and finding out I assigned all responsibilities for y'alls' debut onto him

  16. Congratulations on playing a mostly competent game and defeating the slashers spies, Kpop hunties.

    (The other game set the bar pretty low though, kii.)
  17. Unnies I'm so glad that you gonna debute at the end in a few years.....some of you as an av actresses probably. the meantime I became a CF queen and KPJ's national if you don't mind I would like to promote a few things....nescafe, condoms, shampoos and stuff.
  18. Me after it hits me that I really was THAT dumb and gullible to align myself with two spies:
    @He and @Squashua y'all are ho's