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Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by wayne power, May 17, 2009.

  1. And PJ & Duncan's Top Katz didn't get a cassette release!
  2. I wonder sometimes what the likes of Power Of Woman or I Wanna Be The Only One would have sounded like if Louise had was still part of the group.
  3. She would have sang BeBe's parts.
  4. The same as they did with Vernie and Kelle most likely lol.
  5. I don't think they would have gone as gospel as they did if Louise had remained. They definitely started to go more En Vogue.
  6. Yes that's probably true come to think about it he he.
  7. HRH


    Probably exactly the same, because she was a backing singer whose brief membership in the group is overly romanticized for lord-knows-what reason.
  8. I quite like Louise, but when I think of them, I think of them always a three piece.
  9. I wish I'd heard their last album- the one that included Watcha Gonna Do- it was meant to be a great album and one of the very first that Heat magazine reviewed!
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  10. I liked the debut Eternal album a lot and Louise probably made no difference to it to be honest. I think as an act they upped their level as a three piece.
  11. I was thinking with the success of New Edition's biopic maybe Eternal should have their own biopic. A 3-part miniseries they all gotta be willing to spill their own tea tho and after that do a proper reunion including louise of course and do like a big tour with a few new songs.)

    Here's some the choices i picked to play the girls

    Easther - Alexandra Burke
    Vernie - Alisha Bailey
    Kelle - Modupe Adeyeye
    Louise - Diana Vickers

    What do you think?

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  12. It's not terrible - What'cha Gonna Do is the only obvious "single" and some of it is a bit TOO gospel for my liking. That said, they never had a great album after their debut, so I'd probably rank the self-titled in second place...
  13. Here it is bae.
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  14. Oh my god i'm listening (even though I had bought the CD then) and it's great!
  15. Now that the original U.K. Girl Group Bananarama have paved the way..... what do we think the chances are the Eternal girls will follow? As a 4 piece they would surely generate enough interest to do a theatre and small arena tour based on 90s nostalgia and a solid back catalogue of hits? I'd love to see them do all the hits plus a couple of Louise solo numbers (Naked, Undivided Love, 2 Faced) backed by the girls and Kelle doing full on gospel version of Higher Than a full group assault on Whatcha Gonna Do/I Cry Real Tears/If She Breaks Your Heart......

    I have a feeling this is likely sooner rather than later.....
  16. All 4 tour could generate a lot of interest and sales.
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  17. Thanks dear. Going to play the shit out of this later.
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  18. I think you should become a casting director - that's some pretty good casting!
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  19. The self titled is pretty good, but I do like all four albums. Absent From You, If She Breaks Your Heart, and Sensual Man are really great R&B tunes. Though I'm a huge fan of R&B from that time anyway.
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  20. I was listening to Sunday Morning today, such a great soulful tune.