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Eurovision 2017

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by TheChoirgirlHotel, May 15, 2016.

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  2. Remember the time you made me click five spoiler tags for something that turned out NOT to be a picture of Imri?

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  3. I shared your pain.

  4. Imri stanning for Britney. What a relatable queen.
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  5. MY TOP 5 ESC 2017 POSTCARDS (part 1/2)

    HONOURABLE MENTION 1: ISRAEL - Imri working out. Enough said.

    HONOURABLE MENTION 2: BELARUS - Artciom and Kseniya being so cute and so hippy.

    #5 LATVIA - Triana Park meeting for some pizza. And the confirmation that the drummer is the best member.

    #4 BELARUS - Kristian's sweet 17 party complete with a pop-justice-able dance routin
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  6. MY TOP 5 ESC 2017 POSTCARDS (part 2/2)

    #3 PORTUGAL: Salvador doing some Salvadoring. And LuĂ­sa's hair flip being the perfect ending.

    #2 NETHERLANDS: The sisters attempting some shoplifting until one of them comes up to her senses.

    #1 ITALY: There is no such thing as too many Francescos

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  7. Not our baby!

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  8. I'd gladly take care of him.
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  9. Not that Belarus did bad on choosing the hippie couple, but what a waste of a megabop.

  10. Oh Lord NO. At least the face is untouched.
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  11. I mean, if you are going to copy a Coldplay song, 'A Sky Full of Stars' is not a bad choice.
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  12. Hey smoldering bae

  13. And a Good Shabbos to you and your arms too Imri.
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  14. What is that picture he's got as his profile pic? We need that bigger.
  15. Just found this store and I couldn't help but cry

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  16. too exact
  17. [​IMG]

    Anyone remember this Dutch gymnastics star from the early 2000's? I've heard she's doing porn now, giving a new meaning to being lost in Verona.
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  18. Eesti Laul is shook.
  19. [​IMG]