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Eurovision 2017

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by TheChoirgirlHotel, May 15, 2016.

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    The only way for Dance Alone to work live is for there to be at least 3 backing singers.
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  3. I do think she is going to struggle.
  4. I'm pretty sure she won't need a guy dressed as a gorilla in her coreography tough
  5. Everytime I try to sing the Macedonia song in my head I always slip into this ghost of MelFest past:

    There may be something wrong with me.
  6. Belarus' entry is adorable this year, I hope it qualifies.
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  7. It's such a lovely burst of folk sunshine, especially amongst that slump in the middle of Semi Final 2. I really hope it ends up being this year's Todas as Ruas do Amor / Love in Rewind.
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  8. WANT


    why is this so big ddd
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  9. Agreed, I really enjoy it too. Hope it gets through.
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  11. post about the Verona Shop was deleted. For clarification it's not my shop and I wasn't promoting it. Point of the post was actually how ridiculous the shop is with all the merchandise.
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  13. The stage and arena itself look stunning though. I was a bit worried how it was going to compare to Sweden's billion Krona multimedia extravaganza last year but no need it seems.

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  14. No matter how stunning it looks, I just know the Irish staging will be a bland, boring mess.
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  15. I mean... Brendan, poor dat, and Dying To Qualify don't naturally lend themselves to a dynamic performance in any way, shape or form so you're no doubt right.

    I think other than Blanche I'm most worried for my queen:

    She said in an interview that she's not going to be moving about much for her performance but that the production and costuming were great so i'm keeping everything crossed that she manages to pull it out the bag.
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  16. I am so nervous about the Semis. This year is not as strong song wise as last year, but with the right cuts it could be all killer...if we get it wrong it could be disastrous.
    Can I ask why only 3 countries are allowed to vote in each Semi? Is it to make the whole process cheaper or something? And why those specific countries? You better hope they have good taste.
  17. Do we think their is a chance Blanche won't qualify? She's high up in the bookies.
  18. He's just so average. I mean vocally competent but just too boring for Eurovision.The introduction video with him said that he wanted to one day headline a solo gig in Croke Park, 80,000 capacity venue sold out by Ed Sheeran, Beyoncé, Bruce Springsteen, Céline Dion and U2.

    I cackled.
  19. I might be misinterpreting your question here but the majority of the countries vote in the semifinal that features their country, and the other one they don't get a say in. Since the Big 5 + the host country are automatically in the final they don't "have" a semifinal, so they split them 3 and 3. I think I remember reading in the past an example where there was a big football match in Germany scheduled for the night of one semifinal, so they asked to be in the other one. But normally I think they just assign them randomly.
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  20. I mean, if I remember correctly, Croatia was the fan-wank of Eurovision 2016 but only managed to scrape through her semi in 10th based on jury vote after flat vocals/bizarre staging.

    As long as Blanche isn't a total trainwreck in her semi, she'll qualify but whether she'll do anything on Saturday is another thing entirely...