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Eurovision Song Contest 2018

Discussion in 'Eurovision' started by TheChoirgirlHotel, May 14, 2017.

  1. HRH


    I wonder if they're going to beg Nelly Furtado to host.
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  2. No way. She'd make a terrible host as she can't even speak Portuguese properly and besides, much like everywhere else, no one's here for her anymore.

    But the topic of Nelly in Portugal reminded me of something that happened a few years ago. This one time she was doing a show at a small festival like 5 minutes from my house in Lisbon, so I could actually hear her singing live from my living room! It was pretty cool.
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  3. HRH


    Eh, since when do hosts speak the host country's language? They just do English and French.

    Who else is big in Portugal? I always think their vote presenters are a bit bland and unmemorable, so they best widen the pool...

    Or just bring back Mans.
  4. Oh right. I actually haven't properly watched eurovision in years so I was unsure if the hosts spoke in the country's language or just in English, as there are always dubs for the various languages anyway.

    I bet they'll just pick a couple of random TV presenters no-one outside of the country will have heard about.
  5. Måns and Petra should host every year.
  6. Or at least do a duet every year taking the piss out of Eurovision. I'm still recovering from Love Love Peace Peace.

  7. The Queen of Pop.
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  8. Oh yes, we should get her to present haha
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  9. NO! God no! I did not want this to be the first relevant Eurovision news of the season. Israel, I protest, get your grip together. New network, new possibilities. Not Sharon Osbourne rejects.

    Imagine three minutes of this amazing bop from 1.15–4.15 on the Eurovision stage:

    If she can’t bring Imri as her background singer, she can bring that pole. I don’t mind. Ania and her amazing song are both 12 points.
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  11. Jesus Christ
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  12. Is it worth going to the final itself, or is it more fun to watch it in a bar in the host city?
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  13. They are both fun experiences. In the last three years I've watched from a bar, the Euro Club and from the arena. Arena gets you VERY VERY tired if you're standing, it really is a long show. You'll need Red Bulls to continue your Saturday night. Euro Club is great since you can start partying right away when the show is done. As for the bars, depending on which bar you go, you can feel yourself like the most informed and wisest of them all amongst the general public! I think every one of them deserves to be experienced at least once, so if you have watched from a bar, this year it will be worth to watch at the arena.

    Also a little trick for you: Friday night is the jury show, which is basically the same show as the Saturday night without the voting. You can watch the show on Friday night for a cheaper price and keep your Saturday open for options.
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  14. Do tickets for the jury show go on sale at the same time as the Saturday night tickets? That sounds like the best of both worlds.
  15. As far as I know, all the shows go on sale at the same time. But you never know what the host country will decide that year.
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  16. Me: I'm not getting as invested in Eurovision next year, I can't deal when my faves flop.
    Also me: *already putting dates for various countries' song reveals and competitions in calendar*

  17. Macedonia has been banned from participating in 2018 contest due to their unpaid debts to EBU. Since Bosnia is not taking part too that makes Balkan representation even smaller, which is sad since their always delivered bops.
  18. The participants for Eesti Laul 2018 will be announced on Friday. Do you guys think we should even bother anymore now that we've already peaked with "Verona"?
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  19. Gerls remember to keep me updated on tickets x
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  20. Finland: Saara Alto will repre-
    Me: i_love_this_song.gif