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Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by inanotherlife, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. Skip to 1:33 for probably the only workout video you'll ever need.

  2. @KamikazeHeart is 100% correct. Just go.

    It may sounds trite but getting through the door is the hard bit once you’re there it’s never remotely as hard or boring as you’ve built it up in your head.

    Some kind of goal may be a good idea as well. I have Half Marathon in May and intend to beat my extremely old (And slow) PB. From Monday I’m getting back on the treadmill, plugging my headphones in and just putting one foot in front of the other every single day. It’s really not that hard once you get back into the swing of it.
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  3. Just pack a bag and go. If you have your gym clothes and one night you're thinking of going back, pack the bag and the next day if you need to go out, take the bag with you and stop at the gym there.

    I literally just went through this and the hardest thing was getting myself there... About a year ago I was doing great progress, but then I got caught up in university work and stopped going (or I went much less). And now that I'm done with that I wanted to go back to the gym, but it was really hard. I struggled for weeks, but 3 days ago I just packed my bag and when I went out, I stopped at the gym and did 30 min cardio. Not much, but it got me there.

    And now I've been three days in a row and I feel great. I'm starting slowly but the important thing is just to go, even if it's a little. Slowly you'll get back into it and hopefully keep up.

    I got myself a calendar to mark each day I go, to hopefully go at least 6 out of 7 days of the week and visually make sure I'm being consistent.
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  4. When I don't go running, I make sure I go to the gym and do a half hour of cardio before going into work.

    I sometimes pack two different outfits (the second one I leave behind) and I'll go back in the evening to go do some weight training. I need to really push myself to go out lately, but once I get there I'm always happy I did push through.
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  5. My gym has very few live trainer classes. Instead, they have a big screen playing these 30 minute to an hour workouts videos. At first I scoffed, but actually they're great because it's really consistent. Also hardly anybody goes to them, so I have all this lovely space to myself.

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  6. I've been working out regularly for the past 5 and a half years. Lifting has become a true passion. But I really struggle with not using steroids...sometimes I feel so weak/inadequate and I KNOW it's my own body image stuff, but I really want to get as strong as possible. I just don't want to get into the addiction/money pit that the steroid world seems to be. Anyone else struggle with this? How do you all deal?
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  7. I've really had to just shut out outside influences and focus on not trying to compare to others and just compete with myself. Try and get self esteem from resisting steroids and knowing you are being good to your body--the best you can be--in a natural way. If it's really something that you find you're obsessing over, some kind of counseling might be useful. It all depends on what really motivates your desire for more mass I guess.
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  8. What weights are you hitting if you don't mind me asking? I presume when you say lifting, you mean strict/bench press, front/back squat, deadlift etc.

    I've found that I've felt inadequate when I've hit plateaus in my own training. For me it's slightly different because I don't program my own workouts (CrossFit), but whenever I've felt that way, I've always just tried to maintain consistency. Work on technique and maintain the PRs that you currently have and eventually you break through. For me it also probably comes down to the fact that at 5'6", I accepted that I was never going to be able to lift as much as most of the other guys.
  9. Fellow gays, does anyone have a good pop playlist for running.

    All the ones I find don’t have good running songs in my opinion. Mine consists of bops such as Womanizer, Applause. Part of me... even Girlfriend by Ms. Avril Lavigne. I love fast songs that don’t even give up in the bridge...

    If anyone has something like that that they’d like to share, I’d appreciate it! Mine is over a year old and I’d like to update it.
  10. I've just had my first session with my PT today and I threw up afterwards

    I'm really hoping I can lose some weight before summer comes along.
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  11. Hasn't left my gym playlist since 2011, it's perfect for running.

    Other songs on my playlist:

    Shakira - Ojos Asi
    Beyonce - Green Light (Freemasons Remix)
    Dave Spoon - Bad Girl (At Night)
    Tiesto vs Diplo - C'Mon
    Christina Aguilera - Your Body (Country Club Martini Dirty Mix)
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  12. Thanks! I'll try them out!
  13. This is me.

    Last year I got in pretty decent shape for when I went on holiday to New York. I didn't go much afterwards and then I moved cities and I haven't done any exercise since moving. I've procrastinated and procrastinated. I keep putting it off until the next Monday or the next time that the 1st of the month falls on a Monday or some other lame excuse.

    I'm going to europride this August. It's in Stockholm so I feel like I need to get my little belly burned off in time to meet all the hot Swedish gays. 3 months is good time to get in shape again right?

    I'm not great at defining my goals though. I guess I just want to feel good in a t-shirt - like I fill it out in the right places and it doesn't stick out and look like I'm pregnant around the belly area.

    I just feel super self conscious at the gym. If the weights area looks busy I'll probably avoid it or if I want to use a bench it'll take me 5 minutes of plucking up the courage to go over and get one. I don't know why I'm such a wimp about it all.

    I've done stuff with PT's in the past and that's helped, but I know the basics now so I don't really want to pay stupid amounts of money for stuff that I can achieve on my own if I put my mind to it.
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  14. Super proud of my friend Adam who, a year ago, was a good 10-20kg overweight and yesterday completed the London Marathon. He trained and trained and trained, lost all the excess weight, even broke his foot, and still did it anyway.
  15. I've been working out in a gym for at least five weeks now. I get lazy at times. I could only work out for like 1 hour and a half to less than 3 hours in 1 day. I usually skip the work outs that really the tire my body. I have also yet to do the weight lifting work outs, like the ones in weight lifting contests because I feel like I don't have much muscles yet in my arms.

    So far, I feel sexier than ever, and its nicer to look at myself in the mirror. Like I lost a lot of stomach weight. I already have big muscle in my legs before going to the gym, so I'm more motivated to do butt exercises because my legs are quite stronger than my upper body and I really want like a big butt. I noticed that my upper body has gotten bigger. Like I just had sex the other day, and the guy noticed that my chest is a bit toned. I stopped using the treadmill and those bicycle equipments, as I don't want to get skinnier anymore and I feel like I might lose some muscle from it. I am just really focusing on having a flat stomach then having bigger arms, butt, legs and chest. Starting this week, from 5 times a week going to the gym, I am decreasing it four times a week. Monday and Thursday are upper body days, while Tuesday and Fridays are for my lower body. I feel like my body needs more rest days, and I don't want my muscles to start eating each other because of going to the gym 5 times a week and not letting my muscles heal. So I'm expecting better results with this 3 rest days in 1 week.

    My biggest motivation going to the gym aside from the possibility that I might get more hook ups in the future and hopefully a love life, is that there are really a lot of good looking guys in the gym that I go. Like I just look at them and I easily get motivated to do more. Though what I dislike about the gym that I go to is, even though its 24/7, there are cameras in the locker room and I can't really do it there because they would know if I go to the bathroom with someone and so far I haven't had sex with anyone from the gym.
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  16. Starting my exercise regime again going from next week after hurting my ankle while snowboarding a couple of weeks ago. Should've know a trick doing tricks wouldn't turn out alright, eh.
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  17. To those who have bulked/are bulking - How many calories do you eat a day? I'm trying to consume 3k calories a day, all healthy stuff but I may take a weight gaining drink to really hit those calories.
  18. Photos taken at comic con last weekend have confirmed for me that I seriously need to sort my fitness out. I have joint problems but combat them with a lot of walking and hiking, my main problem is diet. The doctor has sworn me off certain forms of exercise at the moment but I'm looking for other ways to keep fit, so I'll probably hang around this thread a bit more.
  19. Anyone have any tips on getting back into exercising regularly? I was really good about that and my diet for a while and slipped off the wagon, and I hate how I feel, but I find that I have this weird hesitance/anxiety to get back into it so I wind up talking myself out of it. I need to break the cycle, please help
  20. Hard to give any advice without knowing your starting point ...

    But even a relatively fit person who hasn’t maybe exercised for a month can always get back into things by picking 5 body weight exercises (push-ups/dips/squats/plank/mountain-climbers are a good start, or if you are fit enough, burpees) and doing them every day for a week ... That’s 5 minutes each day to get things going and even after the first week you’ll notice you’ll be able to increase the reps ...

    Not scientific, but at 5 mins a day, it doesn’t have to be ... It gets you moving and will show improvement ... (Doing it every day is the mental part of the concept) …
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