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EXID (Mini Album 'Eclipse' out April 10!)

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Rainbow Trousers, Oct 14, 2015.

  1. From left to right: Junghwa, Solji, Hyerin, LE, and Hani.

    Some background:

    Junghwa: main dancer and one of the group's visuals. Junghwa has appeared in multiple Korean dramas, reality television shows, and adverts. She is the youngest of the girls, and one of the original members from way back in 2011.

    Solji: the group's leader and main vocal. Solji is considered one of the powerhouse vocalists of K-Pop, having been the original winner of King of Mask Singer, and a regular participant in Duet Song Festival with Doo Jinsoo. She has been a vocal coach for many idols and trainees, including her own members after joining in 2012. Her talents and personality have also lead to multiple appearances on various variety shows, making her the group's second most famous member after Hani. At 27, Solji is the eldest of the girls.

    An example of her live singing, for those curious.

    Hyerin: the group's lead vocalist and second youngest. Hyerin is kind of difficult to describe so I'm just gonna leave these here, and, um


    LE: the main rapper and songwriter. Probably most known for being songwriter and mentor to Hyuna. She is the sole writer for most of the group's songs (including their singles "Every Night" and "I Don't Want a Drive") and has co-writing, composition, and production credits on most of their other tracks. Companies that hire Shinsadong often receive LE as part of a double package, since the two are long-time collaborators. LE's myriad writing and production credits have made her one of the highest earners among idols.

    Hani: The breakout star of the group, and the member to gain them widespread recognition after the infamous Hani "fancam." Hani now has one of the biggest profiles in K-Pop, having been the "it girl" of 2015, appearing in all manner of variety shows and being one of the main hosts of Weekly Idol. She is the only member fluent in English.

    They're fun in interviews, too.

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  2. They were on Showtime recently. Here are the full episodes with English subtitles.

  3. The finale! *cries hysterically*

  4. Thanks for this thread! I love Exid and am glad they are finally getting the recognition they deserve.

    Hani is fantastic. She has such an offbeat personality that is so entertaining.
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  6. I was dumb and forgot to post the actual video in my excitement.


  7. How amazing is With Out U?
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  8. Todak Todak is my number one from the mini album, but Without You is definitely at least second place. Both have a strange timeless quality about them.
  9. Also Hot Pink is finally on Spotify. In honor of Christmas I guess.

  10. Teaser for a new song:

  11. Not here for basic ballady EXID.
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  12. I actually quite enjoy their ballads. This one does sound a little saccharine on first listen, though. May sound better in full.
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  13. Hopefully it explodes into something since I'm getting When Loves Takes Over vibes from that.
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  14. It's another duo between Solji and Hani. Guess it's about somebody dying? Huh.

  15. Their debut full length is out June first! This is all coming up on us so quickly. Woooooooooooooooooooo.
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  16. Album = Street
    1st Single = L.I.E.

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  17. Remember the their awesome debut song? I'm hoping for something like that.

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  18. I'm only really "here" for EXID for Ah Yeah, but I'm excited to check out their full album. The video for Ah Yeah is something else.
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  19. That photo of Hyerin is my new phone background. Absolutely gorgeous shot!

    Can't wait for the album! I wonder if it'll be all new material or if it'll include previous singles.
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  20. Maaaan! This group has a real SOLID hardcore rapper! It's such an excitement moment when her voice pops up on their tracks,specially on Hot Pink!
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