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Fifth Harmony - 7/27

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by offyourhead, Dec 14, 2012.

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    I guess they're worth having a discussion thread for here, since they've just made it to the X Factor USA final? For the uninitiated - basically, they were formed like One Direction and Little Mix, and have been real underdogs all throughout the live shows. Tonight they managed to beat out the big~ boyband that everyone thought would sail to the final, and girl group fans everywhere rejoiced etc.

    Some of their more memorable performances:

    Impossible (by Shontelle, back when they were called LYLAS)

    We Are Never Ever Getting Back Toegther (by Taylor Swift, when they were then called 1432...)

    Anytime You Need a Friend (by Mariah Carey, their singoff performance last week)

    Anything Could Happen (by Ellie Goulding, this week's performance that got them into the final)

    They probably won't win, but I hope that Simon realizes how they're basically the female 1D/American Girls Aloud and taps into all the potential they have to be big. Unfortunately, Simon is a complete moron when it comes to girl groups and probably won't.
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  2. Britney's tenure on the show has been worth it for the GIFs alone. Her Emblem3 stanning ain't cute, though...
  3. They're meh.
  4. But look at who Britney's "type"; Justin, KFed, the Jasons etc. Pre- breakdown, any member of Emblem3 could have screwed if not married her.

    As for 5th Harmony, I'm rooting for them but I just don't think there's a place in the US market for girl groups right now. One Direction get by on their looks, and no one knows who or what is a Wanted. There's no true revival going on in teen pop, just burning embers.
  5. I'm loving these new threads for the X Factor USA contestants! As for Fifth Harmony, they have a lot of potential to be huge stars, and they're my favorite act left in the top 3. Hopefully they win the show next week.
  6. Miley, Demi, Selena, Justin and others careers beg to differ. Jonas Brothers are coming back next year, Simon would have got rid of them by now if there was no money to be made.
  7. Their performance of 'Anything Could Happen' was amazing! I really like that song but can't stand Ellie Goulding, so their performance was even more brilliant for that fact.

    Happy they're in the finals.
  8. I hope they go with 1D as support act in the world tour

    Simon tweeted he met with Linda Perry, I guess she will pen songs for the group
  9. I'm in love with their version of Anything Could Happen. I really hope they get a record deal out of this, I doubt they'll win but surely somebody would be interested in signing them...
  10. Simon should launch them in the UK.
  11. Miley- Can't Be Tamed flopped in the US and her movies now go straight to video
    Demi- She's doing great on radio, but most people still don't know who she is aside from rehab and X Factor.
    Selena- Essentially this generation's Mandy Moore. Popular but not quite "successful."
    Justin-Genuinely A-List in the music world, but the weight of the ridicule is enormous.
    Jonas Brothers- I'm not discounting the possibility of a comeback, but COME ON.

    This generation of teen popstars seems wildly successful b/c of the media attention they get, but when you examine the receipts you realize that the likes of Jessica Simpson has outsold almost all of them, and few seem to have longevity. Miley's not yet 21 and she's already struggling to maintain relevance.
  12. I've liked them since I first heard them do Impossible at the judges houses, they have been a bit hit and miss on the live shows but Anything Could Happen was amazing, great staging, outfits, best they have been as a group, I also loved Give Your Heart A Break and A Thousand Years.
  13. I didn't give them much chance in the beginning but they have developed into the best girl group to every come out of one of these shows. I can't see them winning but hopefully we will hear more from them in the future.
  14. Love them. They are so much better than Little Mix.
  15. K94



    that is all.
  16. They better not steal Little Mix's thunder in the US
  17. Christ, Britney looks 40 there!
  18. This is a tired ass girl group, it shocks me that people seem to like them, but that goes to show how little the US has to offer in terms of girl groups. They are so BORING. I don't understand how they made it to the final and only sang one uptempo? It was just week after week of them literally standing there with no backdrop murdering these ballads. I wish Simon had used his knowledge of girl groups and modeled them after The Sats or Girls Aloud and given them some spark. Could be a great group because the vocals are there,b ut not in the hands of US producers.
  19. If Fifth Harmony had sung more uptemp songs, they would have been eliminated weeks ago and wouldn't have had a chance for the finale. America really loves voting for the good ballads, and Fifth Harmony pulled them off well.
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  20. They needed (much) more uptempo performances, no one listen to girlbands for their ballads. As for now, they are very meh.