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Fifth Harmony - 7/27

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by offyourhead, Dec 14, 2012.

  1. Camilla is on Frankie/Mollie/Cheryl/Kim/Posh/Geri level. I really don't see what you guys find in her. Her range isn't really big. Her tone is annoying. God, even Frankie probably has more range than her! She is really cute, tho.

    Ally is doing it for me. Amazing voice. Dinah, although a bit grating too, is also good. Lauren has a good voice, but really, there's something wrong in her face. It bugs me! I just can't look at her.

    I think Normani is good. Like, just good. Like I have nothing to say about her, but it's not a bad thing. Hard to explain. I think she has an RnB/low tone that is always important in a girlgroup....And yeah.
  2. Dinah is so underrated here. She doesn't have the graces and star quality of the other girls but she has an amazing range. Their first performance at judges house pretty much cemented who's who in the group and their abilities.

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  3. "I diiIiiIIiiIIiIIIIIIiiiiiiIiddddd".
    Ugh. Quorl, you have three girls who could belt that note and do a much better job than you at it...Why do you need to show off and fail at showing any actual talent. Awful.

    I quite like Dinah's voice when she doesn't try to be Mariah Carey of Beyonce. She did expose what a good range she has in the Anything Could Happen middle-8, but you could hear her struggle a bit. It was just her trying to do way too much, way too fast while she just can't do it (yet?).
  4. I really don't like the way Dinah is styled sometimes. Her hair especially looks mumsy. However, she looked and sounded fantastic during the Anything Can Happen performance. Her falsetto voice is amazing and that high note she hit was flawless.
  5. Great, great voices.
  6. I'm just watching their auditions and I must say Ally was insufferable. She's giving major Nicole Scherzinger vibes (no offense but you get it). In fact after watching it I could see her using Fifth Harmony (if they become a thing) as a vehicle to her originally planned solo career. It does seem like they were planning on birthing a girl group this season. Dinahs audition was just incredible. Total Leona/Melanie Amaro (season 1 winner) but the latter flopped and failed and the same would've happened with Dinah. By picking the best singers and putting them in a group they're chances of success go way up.
  7. I'm glad Simon saw where the pop market was going. Since like you said his earlier acts have flopped bad in that past few years.
    2013 will be the year of the groups, as a KPOP fan I've been waiting for this for years.
  8. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    I can't wait for Ally Brooke, I mean Fifth Harmony, to take over the world!

    I have this feeling that Normani and Dinah will grow more once the show is over, and when start releasing music.
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  9. ?!?!?!??!!

    She was the best there! She literally sounded stunning. I mean, they all sounded good, but Camila owned it with her verse. Wazdamattawitchu.
  10. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    Ally will not allow anybody else to win this thing except for Fifth Harmony. Looking forward to whatever sob story she'll pull out of the bag now that we're in the finals!
  11. I was catching up on the last couple of weeks of X Factor last night and I was a little underwhelmed by Anything Could Happen. The vocals were great, so they got the important thing right, but the staging was just odd. I love that they're teenage girls and they aren't trying to be sexual by any means, which is as it should be. But the fairy tea party in sparkly prom dresses felt TOO young for them. I won't complain too much since they made it into the finals, but I just wasn't feeling it.
  12. Well they killed it tonight. Kinda odd to do Anything Could Happen two weeks in a row, but they actually managed to improve on it. I doubt it'll be enough to get them to win, and it'll probably result in a Tate victory, but at least they went out fighting.
  13. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    I didn't expect them to do Anything Could Happen again.
  14. Tonight was the first night I started stanning for them. I really hope they win so I voted until I got sick of it.
  15. After tonight Fifth Harmony is going to win.
  16. Of their 3 performances 'Let it be' was clearly the best. 'Anything Could Happen' felt too polished this time and GYHAB was cute. I didn't watch the other contestants but I really hope they win as it would help them out the most of the finalist.
  17. They're the only act left with The X Factor. I want them to win because I think they could have a great pop career out of this -- Anything Could Happen, alone, is testament enough to that.

    The only thing that bothers me about them is Dinah. She is just the odd one out. Whether that is because she's too good, tries to be too good, or is just a bit more gawky than the others is open to interpretation but she just doesn't fit in that group like the others do. I hope she leaves after the show to go solo because going by her over-nuanced adlibs that is clearly what she wants. Imagine if CeCe or Jennel replaced her, oh my.
  18. That would be so awful. I don't really remember Jennel aside from her audition but she wouldn't mix well with them either. Dinah is the odd one mainly because she's, physically, such a contrast to the other girls. Pop groups always need that one *voice* and she is it so in that aspect she's fit in perfectly.
  19. A lot of girl groups in the past have managed to have that one voice without ruining the group aesthetic which, I feel, Dinah does. And besides I don't think this group need that one voice because Lauren, Camilla, Normani, and to a lesser extent Ally, all have incredibly respectable voices anyway.
  20. I love this group and I really hope they win the show tomorrow night. I'm still voting for them at the moment.