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Fifth Harmony - 7/27

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by offyourhead, Dec 14, 2012.

  1. This cracks me up every time. It's so good! Hope they do Episode 3 soon.

    So many hilarious moments. One of them being:

    Ally: "This was such a blessment, we had some ups and downs but we growed".
    Camila: "Grew."
    Ally: "OMG I am talking don't be disrespective"
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  2. Dude, 5H better do something soon because I hate to say this but Camila is coming to **** and I'm starting to really dig her stuff. Love incredible sounds cool and her new song Hey mama with Pitbull is a soundtrack for Fast and Furious 8 and it sounds like a hit!
  3. I hope they release a new single in April/May and it better be good....
  4. I really don't see this going any further. They'll chuck out an album and call it a day, if that.
  5. I get eternal-victim vibes from her, so her reaction is apt.
  6. Taylor taught her well.
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  7. I wish I could experience Work From Home debuting all over again. It was so exciting.
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  8. Frankly sounds and seems just as fresh.
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  9. I remember hating Work From Home.... I can't even remember when it clicked, I just remember going from one extreme to the next.

    A glorious moment in pop music indeed.
  10. The fact that Work From Home turns '1' next week is shocking. Sounds as glorious now as it did on its first play.
  11. Work from Home changed my life.
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  13. Mess at them using Camila's pre recorded vocals for Big Bad Wolf.
  14. This was quite messy lol

  15. Mess indeed.

  16. Camila booking dem features all over the place. Get money b!tch.
  17. I think they're making a joke about the pre recorded vocals being like another feature.
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  18. EVEN BIGGER MESS at me having only ever having heard the track - a certified bop I use on many an occasion - via YouTube and believing this was the original track (and tempo) until I literally just saw this video. Still, *bops in 1.25 speed and YouTube converts anyway*
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  19. Ñnnñn I'm so dense when it comes to this stuff. Thank you!
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  20. Can I just say I love everything I've heard so far without Camila? Ally's voice is much more pleasant while still having the range to cover her parts, thank god.
    I hope we get a lot of videos, I'm such a fanboi with this group lord knows why.