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Fifth Harmony - Fifth Harmony (Third Album, Out Now)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Vasilios, Feb 22, 2017.

  1. I really fucking hate fandoms like this. I've never understood the drive behind waiting for celebrities at airports, hotels, or anywhere else and expecting that they owe you their time, a photo, or anything else. The way these fans responded is particularly fucked up and obnoxious.
  2. Their fans are literally evil. What is the logic behind their actions?
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  3. That is so awful, there should be more of a conversation about fans, their sense of entitlement and crossing the line. Being teenagers is not an excuse anymore.
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  4. I feel so bad like if you’re going to harass them at least buy their music and go to their concerts. They just get all the crap from having a big fan base but none of the rewards. I genuinely fear for their safety sometimes.
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  5. Apparently those aren't actual fans. They pull the same stunt with different celebrities (if Twitter is to be believed).
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  6. Their voices sound SO much alike, there were lots of moments where I couldn't distinguish who was singing! Such a beautiful medley and, gosh, I miss Leona.
  7. I love it.
    Are they friends ? I was wondering when they shot the picture with the horse. Also - was Dinah really acting like she was crying because she got a picture? Hahaha.
  8. I just cringe whenever I see any video of a celebrity with fans. It's such a weird contradiction (although perfectly justifiable) because celebrities have to act like fans are the most important things in the world and constantly have to compliment them and thank them for support but when it comes to real life situations where the fans can confront them in person, it just creates a ton of awkwardness and miscommunication because the fans actually get caught up in it and think that the celebrities love them back.

    Then again, the celebrities have to talk about their "amazing" fans and how much they "love meeting them" because if they admitted the truth then nobody would support them. I like the idea of Meet and Greets and red carpets and stuff but seeing fans try to approach celebs at airports, hotels, in the streets and restaurants etc just makes me shudder and try end the video as soon as possible. Like, if I was a celeb I'd constantly be on edge 24/7 in public just waiting for someone to shout my name or stick a phone or pen and paper in my hand. Horrible.
  9. Bless whoever made this possible. That Leona and Dinah Christmas medley is divine. It's uncanny that not only do they look alike, they even sound so much alike. Now let's get them to do a non-Christmas song.
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  10. Lmaooo Normanis management starting fanwars in the harmonizer fandom by cropping out Lauren.
  11. ok but why is Don't Say You Love Me the best song of all time?
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  12. You mean, it’s not?!
  13. I always thought we were going to get a bonus tracks edition of the album or something like that, even if it was just in Japan...
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  14. I need a little bit more
  15. Okay so Dinah doesn't have a solo thread so.....

    Come and show Dinah's solo songs some love in the optional solo section of the Fifth Harmony rate.


    Votes are due January 15th.​
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  16. I don't think they are going to let the album die without releasing Don't Say You Love Me as the final single.