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Fifth Harmony Rate - Optional Solo Section (Votes Due 15th January)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by GhettoPrincess, Sep 19, 2017.

  1. WAIT. Now that I think about it, Down could be considered a big single because it was their first single as a four piece.

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  2. Hopefully Down or Worth It are out next
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  3. Scared of Happy better not be the 7/27 album track. I want to see that song firmly on the top 10.
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  4. I think it's going to be Worth It and No Way and I also know I will be far from happy about it.
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  5. I can also confirm that the big single has at least one 11 score.....
  6. Going Nowhere was dubbed 'the underdog of the rate' by me and I can't say I'm that upset about how far it got. There are enough people who also love it for me to feel pleasantly surprised about the results.
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  7. I really can't see Down getting an 11, so this just confirms Worth It more.
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  8. Maybe @Vasilios gave it an 11
  9. I gave Down a 9/10, so I love it, but I'd much rather have it get eliminated over Worth It. So let's hope this is true.
  10. I'd love to see 'Worth It' get torpedoed right out of here. It'd be such justice for those of us who weren't feeling that sound at all.
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  11. It wouldn't be justice for those of us who have already lost "Bo$$".
  12. Oh, did I do that? *innocent smile*
  13. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    Noooooo I love The Life. It has such a carefree vibe that makes it so irresistible.
  14. That's like the worst possible pair of eliminations for me.
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  15. Worth It is shit.
  16. Worth It is some bottom of the barrel nonsense and I still have no idea why it became their breakout hit.
  17. Obviously y'all aren't Worth It.
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  18. Give it to me, I'm.......


    Worth It feat. Kid Ink
    Average: 7.8
    Highest Scorer - 11 x 1 (@soratami) 10 x 5 (@GhettoPrincess, @DJHazey, @GimmeWork, @Vasilios, @Elysium)
    Lowest Scorer - 0 x 1 (@slaybellz)


    Favourite Bit: Camila, Normani/Ally's bridge, the catchiness of it all
    Worst Bit: Lauren's vocal absence

    Oh wow, what a marmite single but it managed to break into the Top 20 in the rate despite the different array of opinions. You can't deny it as their first big hit, it did incredibly well for a girl group and in comparison to everything that had come before it. It helped give them more longevity and also further added to their more adult image/sound after Bo$$. When that saxophone kicks in and you know which bop is about to play! The Camila lead chorus is catchy as hell and I've grown to actually not even mind Kid Ink's rap. I love the bridge too from Normani/Ally then Camila on the sexual second verse is everything. Also Dinah and Ally are giving me some amazing looks in that music video. I really enjoy it personally but I totally understand the marmite reaction to it too so I'm not surprised to see it go at this point.

    soratami (11) has made some new discoveries thanks to this rate "Still that bop. This was the only song of theirs I was here for before this rate (but not anymore)." DJHazey (10) "I love that this owned the world at the time and I also love how that made a group of haters pop up with a bunch of nonsense about hating the saxophones or whatever they were going on about. Don't deny that you were all bopping! When Normani starts in with "uh huh" it's like she is pressing my 'on' button, because that section is lit. Camila's "I like it rough" part...well I'll leave my feelings about it to your imaginations." NaughtyHazey. GimmeWork (10) "So this song was a 10 for me and then it got over played and went down to an 8...but then I saw this commercial and it shot right back up to a 10!

    What can I say?!? I'm a sucker for cute doggies." Sally_Harper (9) "I only listen to the Kid Ink-less version because I prefer it that way. Camila’s verse is amazing. Lauren getting nothing to do is not amazing, but kind of funny because it reminds me of that webchat thing they did ages ago where a fair few of their fans (their FANS!) sent in amazingly bitchy questions, and one of them was “Lauren, was it fun breathing on the album?” I think that might have actually been the first proper news story I read about them post- X Factor. Iconic." I wish there were receipts of this web chat, how awkward! Resident Lauren stan bleedingheart80 (9) confirms these fans feelings "I still enjoy this song and when those horns start off, I'm ready to get down even though I can't dance for shit. It angers and cracks me up that Lauren doesn't get to sing AT ALL on this song, though." Fantasy (9) "The song that it started it all for them really. It’s very of its time and is quite similar to Talk Dirty, but it’s an undeniable bop nonetheless. Ally’s pre-chorus in particular is my favourite part." I can't stand Talk Dirty but yes at the Ally love. Right Here (9) "Those horns. That rap. The routine. That video. The look of boredom on Lauren's face throughout its promotion."

    HollyDunnSomething (8.5) carries on the Lauren absence brigade "I appreciate that it got them their first hit single but it's never been one of my favourites. Plus no Lauren." eyeline (8.5) "Basic and generic in all the best ways." keenan (8) has a yo-yo opinion about it "Banger! I love it sometimes I hate it." Remorque (7.5) "I don't know what it is, but I've never fully embraced this one... Yes, I have been dancing to it while in da clurb and lit AF and it does have some real pop sensibilities (particularly that bridge), but the chorus is limp, the horns get grating after a while, Kid Ink simply repeating his verse instead of giving us anything else and the general underusage of Lauren could have something to do with it with it with it with it with it…" I see what you did there hun. porcelainheart (7.5) "I have a love/hate relationship with this song, it’s ridiculously catchy but also so annoying. The complete absence of Lauren lowers the score but it’s still a feminist anthem!" Sprockrooster (6) "I love the use of the sax, but everything else is a bit bland and boring." You better play that SAX!

    It seems iheartpoptarts (3) wants to shade some of Jennifer's discography "Like two of the lesser J.Lo singles stuck together. At least the pre-chorus is cute?" Florencia. (2) is not a fan, that's for sure "Their first hit, still a song that I can't stand." Then we have slaybellz (0) with that big fat zero "I hate this song with a passion! But i've watched both of these videos so much that the song has kinda grown on me. It still gets a zero though…

    The difference between Lauren and Camila in that video is hilarious, how many fucks does she give? Zero.

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  19. Performances:

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