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Fifth Harmony Rate - Optional Solo Section (Votes Due 15th January)

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by GhettoPrincess, Sep 19, 2017.

  1. Destiny said it, you got to get up and get it
    Get mad independent and don't you ever forget it
    Got some dirt on your shoulder
    Then let me brush it off for ya
    If you're feeling me, put your five high, that's my girl..

    Who isn't worked up into a frenzy at this point and ready to release during the anthemic chorus to follow? All of it becoming a religious experience of sorts.
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  2. That rap bit is the highlight of That's My Girl... I've just overplayed it! I hope Flex makes top 10.
  3. Worth It deserved to stay longer than Flex!

    No Way is also brilliant, but I suppose we're at a point in the rate where genuinely great songs are going to start being culled.
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  4. I'd save 'Flex' over 'That's My Girl' in a heartbeat, but I think I've been too lucky with the singles for it to last...
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  5. 2014

    2014 Moderator

    Down has to go if Worth It is out already
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  6. I'm just surprised that y'all think that the rest of their cannon is so strong that we are losing so many singles before we even get top 15. I mean don't get me wrong they defiantly have some great non-single tracks, but that many???

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  7. I will say that seeing Big Bad Wolf go this far does restore some faith in y'all.
  8. Flex get the fuck out already
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  9. I feel like 'Down' is still here because there's nothing to actively dislike about it. Meanwhile, the more polarizing singles have turned out to be more... well, polarizing than I expected, and I'm not complaining at all!
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  10. Woah why are we losing so many singles when there are still so many album cuts that need to go? A lot of what's left doesn't deserve Top 15.

    I wouldn't mind losing "That's My Girl" and "He Like That" but I feel like I have some instant karma coming for that score I gave "Worth It" and that "Down" will be next.
  11. Do you even like Fifth Harmony?????
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  12. I have a love/hate relationship with them.

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  13. RainOnFire

    RainOnFire Moderator

    Y'all can SHUT THE FUCK UP about Flex leaving, thank you very much. I know Down is going for sure but I swear to god if y'all touch Flex or He Like That...

    Honestly I just need all of the 7/27 album tracks to vacate at this point. It's apt that there are five spots left before the Top 10 and five 7/27 album tracks remaining, as in they all need to GO. I can maybe give a pass to Scared of Happy and Dope but the other three should not be hanging around while we're losing singles.
  14. So which song breaks into that 8 average first?


    Down feat. Gucci Mane
    Average: 8.033
    Highest Scorer - 10 x 6 (@Remorque, @Sprockrooster, @Vasilios, @soratami, @slaybellz, @tylerc904)
    Lowest Scorer - 1 x 1 (@Florencia.)


    Favourite Bit: Lauren, Ally, Dinah
    Worst Bit: Gucci Mane, repetitive chorus, feels like a weak version of Work From Home

    I have so many problems with Down. I've never been one to really shy away from my disappointment of it but I've always hoped it would somehow click with me one day and make me feel silly for doubting the 4 girls. This is the first single without Camila yet it feels like a big cash in attempt to recreate the success of Work From Home and comes up as some weak imposter because of it. I wonder if I would feel less letdown by the song if it had not been the first single really but as it stands it's one of my least favourite singles of theirs. Luckily the self-titled album reignited my love and passion for the group but it definitely kept me disinterested for a while. Now let's talk about the song itself..... Lauren yet again shines with those softer vocals on her verse. Dinah/Ally's bridge is great and Lauren's ad-libs go perfectly. Actually I really like all the girls ad-libbing over the final chorus. Gucci Mane's verse is fucking awful, literally delete it fat. Normani's verse is alright but not her best vocally. The repetitive chorus just doesn't work so well here in comparison to Work From Home....



    I do adore Ally serving it in the music video. It also showed us the performing arts of Normani.....


    Remorque (10) "Submissive, dirty bawp. I audibly "Y*A*S*-sed when I first heard this." Sprockrooster (10) "This took a while to nestly it's way in multiple plays on a day, but when it finally took off it flew straight into the stars. Oh and that split from Normani during the VMA's. That was surreal." That performance was everything wasn't it? slaybellz (10) "#JusticeForDown" DJHazey (9) "I loved this song instantly because it obviously reminds me of "Work From Home" so much. It never quite reaches the lofty heights of that tune but it still hold its own. Also, Gucci's section doesn't quite flow as well as the rap section did with Ty Dolla $ign." Gucci indeed has nothing on Ty Dolla $ign. GimmeWork (9) "The more time I've had with Down, the more it's grown on me. I think people were too hard on it initially because it was obviously trying to be Work From Home, but I'll take Work From Home v. 2.0 over a lot of the DOA tunes other pop girls have been trying to serve us this year." eyeline (9) "It was hard to be excited about this when it came out since I was expecting so much more. However, it's not a bad song by any means, just maybe not 1st single material." iheartpoptarts (8.5) shades the self-titled album "The kind of song that doesn’t really sound like a lead single until you hear the rest of the album—and then you’re like, yeah, okay, I get why they chose this."keenan (8) "Crisp. Bouncy. Short. WFH's little sister." Fantasy (7.5) "I don’t think this song is as bad as some people say it is. It is definitely a WFH rehash and obviously nowhere near as good, but I still find myself bopping every time I listen to it. I especially love the last 25 seconds when the production amps up a little bit and you have Lauren and Dinah’s ad-libs. Gucci’s verse is terrible though and feels so out of place from the rest of the song."

    (7) "Yes, Lauren! The song has grown on me since I first heard it. Could do without the rapper. Love Lauren's "doo-oooowwI_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY" after Gucci's verse. So good." She did good didn't she? Right Here (7) "It’s clear they wanted to recreate the magic of Work from Home but sadly this doesn’t cut it. It’s a solid track, the “push come to shove” parts are gold but there were better tracks to kick the era off with. Gucci’s rap is so jarring but with more listens it does seem to work." Hmm it ain't working for me. porcelainheart (6.5) spills the truth "Disappointment central. It’s nice in the context of the album but it obliterated my excitement for their comeback when I heard it first. I’ll never understand why this was chosen as the lead when there are SO MANY better choices." Sally_Harper (5) "This is what Work From Home would be like if it was only half as good as it is. Lauren’s adlibs are the best bit. I don’t like Gucci Mane’s bit at all." Lowest scorer Florencia. (1) says "A watered down, poor imitation of Work From Home, a song that should've been never seen the light of the day, less of all be the lead single of the campaign. Just the idea that this song opens the album makes want to avoid listening to it. Thank God for the possibility of skipping songs. It's trash, worse than some of the songs they recorded at the beginning of their career. The song has lots of faults, with some of them being: the Gucci feature that doesn't work at all, the lack of personality in their voices, the lack of a distinctive “something”."

  15. Worth It, No Way and now Down... this rate is harsh.
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  16. I know there are some people that didn't want a Self-Titled track to go, but this was the right time for Down.
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  17. Yassssss goodbye Down. It's a shame it has even reached this point, the song is trash

    And 100% agree with this
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  18. You the type that I could bake for
    'Cause baby, you know how to take that cake
    And I'm the only one you wait for
    'Cause baby, you know that I'm worth that wait

    is one of their best verses
  19. I knew ya'll would do it dirty so i'm not mad at it making it to the Top 15.
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  20. Flex


    Time to impress


    Come and climb in my bed


    Don't be shy, do yo thang


    It's all in my head



    All In My Head (Flex) feat. Fetty Wap
    Average: 8.11
    Highest Scorer - 10 x 8 (@DJHazey, @Vasilios, @RainOnFire, @HollyDunnSomething, @slaybellz, @Conan, @porcelainheart, @keenan)
    Lowest Scorer - 4 x 1 (@Sprockrooster)


    Favourite Bit: Dinah/Normani, Camila, Lauren
    Worst Bit: Fetty Wap

    Apparently the girls co-wrote this along with a million other writers which I'm not sure I can quite believe personally. It does sample Mad Cobra's Flex so maybe that explains things. The song itself is the definition of a grower. I really didn't like it initially after Work From Home's success and most of that is due to Fetty Wap who despite still being the worst part of the song because his words are so mumbled isn't so criminally bad as Gucci Mane on Down so there's that. The girls themselves do a great job with the Dinah/Normani lead chorus really switching things up from the usual choice of Camila or Lauren and it works especially well here. Camila does a great job on her verse and Lauren's raspy vocals on that bridge throughout the song are heavenly. When I listen to this song I just wanna be on a hot sandy beach dancing like these girls although I'm not sure I'd pull it off so well but it's definitely become a must have in the summer playlist. It's a shame the lyrics are literally repeated so much but it's a bop that manages to overcome those obstacles.

    DJHazey (10) "Does Fetty Wap sound like a 55 year old who is going on 35 years smoking a pack a day? Yes. Could I not understand a word that Ally is saying in the first verse and did I have to look it up them multiple times? Yes. But does Lauren end my life whenever she delivers "I wanna feel you on, feel you under my body"? You freakin' know it. That little part alone is a 10 and the rest of the song accompanies it and never does anything to derail the magic." I definitely had no idea that Ally and Camila's verses were the same for ages so high five on that one. HollyDunnSomething (10) "Such a great uptempo song, I would love a version with no rap." Yes please! slaybellz (10) disgusts me "I would love a Cami-less version of this." However someone could just play Ally's verse over hers and it'd work so maybe you can find it..... you don't deserve any Camila in your life. porcelainheart (10) "Queens of needing a million writers to write a verse and chorus. The singles run for this album was truly perfect. The video is basic but great and they all look amazing. Normani’s goat climb is iconic." keenan (10) knows what's up "Perfect summer beach anthem." iheartpoptarts (9) is happy they chose this as a single "People complain about this one, but it’s so instant. I think they were right to put it out when they did!" Right Here (9) "Repetitive but a real ear worm. I was also tricked by the trickster Camila singing the same verse as Ally without me noticing." Queens of repeating verses instead of writing new lyrics.

    (7) "Fetty Wap ruins this for me. I like everything the girls do and then he comes in and…ugh." GimmeWork (7) "Wasn't my favorite single choice but I see why they chose it." bleedingheart80 (7) "Get it, Dinah! My favorite part is probably Lauren's pre-chorus. I don't think she's sounded this good. Normani's chorus is also a favorite because she's using her lower register." Fantasy (7) "I can't deny that this song is a bop, but I still wish they had gone for a different second single to follow WFH, especially when they had so many strong tracks to choose from. I know it was the safe choice and had crossover appeal in the same way WFH did, but it just feels a little flat in comparison to the latter. I do love the Dinah/Normani shared chorus though and the Summery feel in the production is great. It's also one of their songs that they seem to excel the most in when they perform it live." Florencia. (6) "I don't understand a single word of what Fetty Wap sings, and lazy lyrics are a disappointment, but it still is a catchy song. And it gave us a rare great live performance!" Low scorer Sprockrooster (4) won't be buying a Fetty Wap song anytime soon "This is definitely an alright song, but Fetty Wap is that it horrible it sucks the life completely out of it. Why is he so cringe to. He is making sounds to me instead of rapping."