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Fifth Harmony Rate - The Unreleased Massacre

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by GhettoPrincess, Sep 19, 2017.

  1. You'll enjoy the next elimination.
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  2. Ballad! I'm calling it now.
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  3. "BO$$" is a sugary bop, but you've already denounced that.
  4. This is all of you right now..........


    Noche de Paz
    Average: 5.3
    Highest Scorer - 10 x 1 (@Sally_Harper)
    Lowest Scorer - 0 x 4 (@2014, @Elysium, @soratami, @iheartpoptarts)


    Favourite Bit: The girls voices.
    Worst Bit: It’s not exactly unique.

    Oh this is gorgeous and you grinches who gave it a big fat zero need a lump of coal in your Christmas stockings immediately. I definitely feel like this fell to the Christmas track plague of rates or possibly because it’s in Spanish but yeah…. it’s a gorgeous rendition of Silent Night. Nothing more needs to be said about it.

    bleedingheart80 (9) "I have never heard this before and it is AMAZING. It gives me life every time Camila and Lauren follow each other and this one was no exception. Seriously, they need to do a duet. Everyone sounds excellent and it's amazing how clear and great they sound with minimal instrumentation and no autotune." Florencia. (9) "Now this is how you cover a Christmas classic! Maybe it's because it's my favorite Christmas song, but I love this cover. They make it justice." Sally_Harper (10) "I love this song, whatever language, whoever’s singing it, whatever time of year. This is beautiful." Fantasy (7) "So it’s Silent Night in Spanish. I like the production and Lauren’s voice is so soothing, she sounds gorgeous."

    DJHazey (4) "Yeah, Spanish Silent Night. I'm sorry, but I'll pass." Remorque (6.5) "I weirdly kinda like this, even if it is in no way one of my favourite Christmas songs... They sound gorgeous and they're not oversinging, unlike their other Christmas song." HollyDunnSomething (5.5) "Nice enough but I prefer Can You See." Right Here (5) "*Cries in Spanish*" porcelainheart (6.5) "Oh this is beautiful, I’m definitely adding this to my Christmas playlist."

  5. Could you imagine the reactions if Camila's album dropped with a "(feat. Lauren Jauregui)" out of nowhere?
  6. And yes, that's me.


    But hey, I tried to give "All I Want For Christmas Is You" a 10 and you'll went and did that to it..
  7. That song gave me middle school Christmas "event" flashbacks, except in Spanish instead of Portuguese.
  8. Noooooooo Noche de Paz is their best Christmas cover
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  9. Oh, bugger.

    The fact that I'm the only 10 is doing nothing for my reputation as the Christmas hater in my family.
  10. I like Noche de Paz, it's a shame to see it go so early. Lauren's voice is stunning in it.
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  11. #61
    Maluma feat. Fifth Harmony - Sin Contrato
    Average: 5.383
    Highest Scorer - 10 x 1 (@iheartpoptarts)
    Lowest Scorer - 0 x 1 (@2014)


    Favourite Bit: Lauren/Camila
    Worst Bit: Maluma

    This is a bit of a bop done wrong here. Not really familiar with Maluma and doubt this make me wanna check out more of his material but it’s kinda funny how Fifth Harmony got into those Latin pop bop features way before Little Mix. Lauren and Camila in particular really shine but everyone sounds great. I guess I can see why this divided opinion so much because there’s not enough of the girls vocally and the type of music is divisive but it gets a little thumbs up from moi.

    Remorque (7.5) agrees and enjoys the eye candy too "I'm actually quite here for this. The girls are a welcome addition to the song... And although I don't really fancy conventionally good looking guys, Maluma can come visit ANY. FUCKING. TIME., ghewls…" HollyDunnSomething (6.5) wants more of the girls "It's okay but there's not enough of them in it!" soratami (9) "I wasn't expecting this Latin bop! Honestly, the score is more for Maluma's parts than Fifth Harmony's" eyeline (8) "Hot." iheartpoptarts (10) is stanning the song and the male lead "Wait at this being a bop with a surprise hot guy in it."

    Fantasy (5) "Fifth Harmony’s part was too short." bleedingheart80 (5) "Not too keen on Maluma's parts, but the 5H parts were great. The girls always deliver vocally (at least on the studio versions…)." DJHazey (4) "I hate when this happens because the girls come in and make me long for a 3 minute song where they deliver that the whole way. You can keep the rest of the song though, no thank you."

    Florencia. (1) enjoys the version without the girls more "If I were rating Maluma, I would give this song a higher score. But this is a 5H rate, and they add absolutely nothing to the song, on the contrary, it sounds better without them." Sally_Harper (2) "Not feeling this at all unfortunately." Right Here (2) "Girls looking snatched in the video but this is not a good track. I do wonder whether this would’ve caught on this summer?" It definitely feels like it was released at the wrong time. porcelainheart (2) "Sounds like a bad Eurovision entry."

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  12. Another one I can't even remember ddd
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  13. Well that left way too soon! I gave it a 9. But I do agree 5H don't really add anything to the song.
  14. We have our first tie for the next elimination later, one of the tracks is an album track and the other is an extra. Any guesses?
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  15. Body Rock and Por Favor or Impossible.
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  16. If Impossible goes out this early then I am cancelling the rate.
  17. All 4 of my points were for Fifth Harmony's little cameo.

  18. It's...fine. I gave it an 8 which they should consider a victory since the original is one of my favorite songs of all time.
  19. Every cover should vacate. No exceptions.
  20. No more bonus points for the hot guy? Awwww.
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