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Fifth Harmony Rate - The Unreleased Massacre

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by GhettoPrincess, Sep 19, 2017.

  1. Only if he stood there looked great for y'all, while the girls did all the singing. Then I'd give the song bonus points.
  2. You guys did Noche de Paz so wrong! It's a beautiful version and there's so much worse in the extras plus the whole EP.
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  3. The next album track is out, it's part of our first tie and it's another Reflection one.

    #60 (TIE)
    Them Girls Be Like
    Average: 5.683
    Highest Scorer - 9.5 x 1 (@mokitsu)
    Lowest Scorer - 0 x 1 (@slaybellz)


    Favourite Bit: Camila/Lauren
    Worst Bit: The lyrics/production

    These feels like such a half-baked product. Honestly it feels like a last minute addition to the album rather than a well thought out album addition. Camila’s “HEEEEY!” during the chorus is nice and the harmonising is cute. What a shame that it kinda flops after such a strong intro. Definitely feels like a filler track.

    DJHazey (8) "This is definitely not a favorite, but it's lifted up by that prechorus riding those insane drum-beats. That moment alone should keep the song around for a while." I'm not sure 60 out of 71 songs was what @DJHazey was hoping for? Sprockrooster (7) "This was very instant, but after a few plays became a bit repetitive quickly." Remorque (7) "When I first listened to this, my eyes rolled back in their sockets at all the extra-ness... Now I can kinda appreciate it when I think about it as some kind of theme tune put in song... Think Spice Girls' Move Over. But lesser."

    bleedingheart80 (6) "This song doesn't really do anything for me." HollyDunnSomething (5) "Hmmmm, a low point on a great album." Florencia. (5) "I don't really care about this song, the verses are a mess but the chorus is catchy." Sally_Harper (2) "“Do you ever post your pics with no filter, hashtag I woke up like this too.” What the fuck is that line? Poor Lauren! The only bit I like is Camila’s “HEEEEEY! HEEEEEEE-EEEEEEEEY” which deserves to be in a better song." eyeline (5) "Catchy but trash lyrics."

    slaybellz (0) isn't having any of it.... "That was irritating." Fantasy (3) "The beat is pretty hot but oh my god the lyrics are appalling. The selfie lyrics in particular have me cringing." Right Here (5) "It's a bit of a miss for me." porcelainheart (4.5) "The lyrics are just dire and Camila sings way too much." Er excuse me? Oh no, you better don't. keenan (5) "The beats hot, the rest just plods along. I like the Dinah intro."

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  4. Oh ya. I forgot I also gave this one a zero. Good riddance!
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  5. Forgot about that one. Good riddance. Those lyrics are the beyond cringeworthy.
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  6. Another one of my low scores from Reflection out hehehe
  7. The amount of social media & meme referencing, name dropping, sampling on Reflection was...overwhelming to say the least.
  8. #60 (TIE)
    Ex’s & Oh’s (Live Lounge)
    Average: 5.683
    Highest Scorer - 10 x 1 (@Sally_Harper)
    Lowest Scorer - 0 x 2 (@slaybellz, @iheartpoptarts)


    Favourite Bit: Lauren
    Worst Bit: The bits where the girls are sposed to come together vocally aren’t too impressive

    I remember being impressed by this at the time and don’t get me wrong, there’s been far worse on Live Lounge. It’s a perfectly fine cover but I feel like it was a weird choice at the same time and they really could’ve made use of Lauren’s husky tone more here. Sometimes it’s better to utilise certain vocalists and not make singing about having “equal” parts. Not one of my favourite covers they’ve done as a group to be honest.

    bleedingheart80 (8) "I think I like Normani's verse the best, but they all shine during the chorus. Lauren should do a solo version of this song because it suits her voice perfectly." DJHazey (7) "I vaguely remember this song from somewhere and they actually sound really cool doing their own version of it. I'd stop and listen if I heard it in passing, but nothing more than that." Florencia. (8) "They sound good, the song fits them perfectly, they harmonize excellently…" Remorque (7) "Quite lovely and you could tell some of the girls really loved the song..."

    HollyDunnSomething (7) says the truth "Lauren should have had more to do on this, it's perfect for her voice." keenan (8) follows up with "Lauren. Lauren. Lauren." Sally_Harper (10) "This is glorious from start to finish." Fantasy (7.5) "This was such an unexpected cover for them, I have to admit I’m not a huge fan of the original but I love the girls’ version. Normani’s solo in particular was great, her voice really fitted this type of song."

    Right Here (6) "Odd cover choice but it worked well". porcelainheart (6) "This has been slightly tainted by Clara Amfo’s story of Camila practicing in the bathroom away from the other 4." OH DEAR! Not heard that before.... research time tonight. iheartpoptarts (0) is not a fan "Ugh, this song."

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  9. I'll try to do 3 more eliminations tomorrow.... let's give you the gossip. Someone is losing their 11 and the current four girls left in the group will be losing one of their songs.
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  10. It better be "Bridges". Although I don't understand why were already losing album tracks when there's still plenty of extras & unreleases to go.

    I'm happy all my zeros are falling one by one though.
  11. There is nothing bad enough on Self-Titled that should be going out this early.
  12. It might be Por Favor or Can You See.
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  13. I'm surprised that Better Together is going unscathed so far. Self-Titled could stand to lose a couple, but there are still some extras and especially unreleased tracks that need to go first.

    The best line in the song, honestly.
  14. Yeah I didn't say it was a self-titled single or album track.
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  15. Can You See needs to stay around. I told my Mom that yes I would watch the movie because of that song's existence in it alone.
  16. I forgot about Can you See, that can go.
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  17. Oh right. Forgot about those.
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  18. I'm sure it will never happen, but if it did, I would die. For real.

    Loving the commentaries from everyone and @GhettoPrincess! This has been a lot of fun reading after a long day at work.
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  19. I would love it to happen too but it won't be a reality for a while and I'm sure that can be said of most of their solo work until there's been some time for whenever the group decide to split/have a break. Glad you're enjoying it so far hun.
  20. #58
    Pitbull - Por Favor/Por Favor (Spanglish)
    Average: 5.733
    Highest Scorer - 10 x 1 (@Sprockrooster)
    Lowest Scorer - 1 x 1 (@Florencia.)


    Favourite Bit: Lauren and Ally
    Worst Bit: Pitbull.

    A Pitbull bop is my weakness/kryptonite but this one just doesn't do it for me. It's not downright terrible and it's ever so catchy but line it up against the other Pitbull bops over the years then you'll be let down ever so slightly. I do find it interesting how the latin version is pretty much only Lauren/Ally and the Spanglish version feels more like a group effort. I actually prefer the original version, the Spanglish version loses it's charm and Lauren/Ally sell it much better for me.

    bleedingheart80 (6) "The girls sound nice, I guess. Don't really care for this song." DJHazey (6) "A little bit more Pitbull-dominated than I'd like to hear. Keep in mind, I usually do enjoy his bops for the most part, but this one really makes the girls feel like an after-thought which is multiplied by the fact that their one moment is all in Spanish and I'm not really here for that. The melody of the chorus is nice but wouldn't been better on something else." Remorque (9) gives me the best mental image ever "I'm listening to this with a Christmas jumper on, yet I'm still feeling my palm tree fantasy…"

    Sprockrooster (10) is loving it "I love how I am hearing several 90's R&B classics in this. Iconic. Such a cloudbuster on a week where I experienced so much rain. But these solar beams from this song really shine right through it. And not even Pitbull will rain on that parade." HollyDunnSomething (8.5) "I really enjoy this, and I hate to sound like a broken record but the abundance of Lauren's smoky vocal is much appreciated. Ally sounds nice too." Yeah they both sell it well. Sally_Harper (8) "I mostly love the Spanish stuff they do and this is quite the bop, they all sound great (I’m rating the Spanglish version as I felt bad for Dinah and Normani) but it makes me wonder, as I’m a Welsh speaker, if I was in a girlband would they make us do Welsh versions of our songs and release a duet with Tom Jones? The Spanish-speaking market is considerably bigger than the Welsh-speaking one but so probably not, but it would be very funny." A Welsh song releasing girl group? Bring it on.

    Right Here (2) isn't down with it "No baby no." Florencia. (1) "I despise this song. It could be because it has Pitbull, or because I don't like his lyrics… but it's a terrible song." Fantasy (3) "I really don’t like this at all. The chorus is the best part but the rest is so bland. I listened to it once and never bothered to listen again. It’s a shame because I can’t deny that Pitbull usually delivers bops and I thought him and 5H would be a winning formula, especially since the last time he collaborated with a girl group we got the megabop Wild Wild Love." YES YOU BETTER STAN WILD WILD LOVE! Oh I would've loved something like that......

    eyeline (8) "Lauren sounds soo good!" porcelainheart (7.5) "I’m sad this wasn’t released during the summer it’s a perfect summer song and probably could have done quite well but alas. The Spanglish version is superior." keenan (8) "I love Ally's background Por Favor."