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Fifth Harmony Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by GhettoPrincess, Sep 19, 2017.

  1. I'm gonna let that elimination sink in for ya'll. Cry or celebrate it..... there's another one on the way later!
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  2. @DJHazey I see you! And I believe you have an iconic quote for that.
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  3. [​IMG]

    That dog commercial is cute though.
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  4. Worth It is a fun bop. When those horns kick in, you just can't help but move your body. I can't stop laughing at that video of Camila giving it her all and Lauren has this FUCK THIS look on her face. Also, her barely dancing. I'm screaming. If I have the time, I would watch all of their live performances of Worth It and just focus on Lauren not giving a fuck.
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  5. There’s still way more from 7/27 I would’ve cut first, but I’m just glad Self-Titled was left alone.
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  6. To all 10 givers - GET TASTE!

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  7. I forgot about Lauren yawning her way through that tour last year.
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  8. Did you vote though?


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  9. #16
    No Way
    Average: 7.883
    Highest Scorer - 10 x 6 (@Alouder98, @DJHazey, @Sprockrooster, @mokitsu, @soratami, @Sally_Harper)
    Lowest Scorer - 4 x 1 (@Elysium)


    Favourite Bit: Lauren, Normani, Camila
    Worst Bit: Ally, Dinah

    This is so slinky and beautiful, Lauren really elevates it with that gorgeous vocal performance. Normani also sounds so good here. This has really grown on me and is one of those songs that you wish had another chorus that goes off because as it is the song is rather too short. Very moving and beautiful overall though with a dark tone/atmosphere to it. Whenever Lauren decides to do a solo album then she needs something similar to this on it please. Weirdly enough the girls mentioned that this track was originally on Reflection but got cut which kinda blows my mind because it's a strong song and I just couldn't imagine it on that album but I'm glad they brought it back for 7/27.

    DJHazey (10) "I was signed, sealed, and delivered from day one with this midnight atmospheric anthem. I don't think I could possibly think up a better chorus lyrically combined with how Lauren reaches into my soul and demands my attention. How she attacks the melody. How she makes the message of delicate honesty come to life. How she basically takes me into dreamworld the second the song starts. A huge contender for my 11 as I have been singing this song's praises since the album was released." Your 11 choices are very different, I do love how your taste differs so much sometimes. Sprockrooster (10) "That beat is so majestic and those girls serve them vocals over it like strawberry sauce over that vanilla beat. Delicious." soratami (10) "Love it, very moody and atmospheric, great album closer." Sally_Harper (10) "On a bad day, this makes me cry. On a good day, I love it. Obviously the fact that Lauren’s all over it is marvellous whatever mood I’m in." eyeline (9.5) might agree with me that it's too short and needed that big final chorus? "I want to give this a 10 so badly. Lauren is absolutely divine here and I like the slightly darker vibe. Something about it makes it seem unfinished though."

    HollyDunnSomething (8.5) "Another song that is perfect for Lauren's voice, I'm glad they went a little darker with this one." bleedingheart80 (8) surprises me by not giving this Lauren led song a 10 "Another Lauren-led song. I think this is the first song that I feel like one of the girls are really feeling the song and it's during the chorus during Lauren's part. You can tell the song has meaning for her." Fantasy (8) "This is probably my favourite moment from Lauren vocally. So much power and emotion in her voice and she completely dominates this song." She does sound sublime. Florencia. (7) gives some harsh criticism but a decent score "It's a boring song, too short, but they sound great." Right Here (7) "A lovely understated ballad moment. Lauren’s cool delivery just takes it to another level." porcelainheart (7) "Love the production on this. The lyrics are a bit cringe to me but maybe I’m just a horrible person. Lauren’s raspy voice is just perfection, all I can think of is when she broke down singing it on tour. I’m so glad they’re in a happier place performing now." keenan (7) finishes off with "Lauren's voice matches the song so well. Kind of haunting."

  10. The next two eliminations are both singles. Any guesses which ones?
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  11. 8.5? Oops, I was feeling stingy that day.
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  12. Down and Flex?
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  13. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Moderator

    Worth It is a basic bop with awful lyrics. Any song borrowing elements from Jason Derulo is on a slippery slope.

    It’s crazy how sidelined Lauren seemed when they were promoting Worth It to now when she’s crazy popular and her voice is so crucial, still convinced there was something going on behind the scenes that had her frozen out of stuff.
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  14. Flex can go.
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  15. Not it being exactly the two I didn't want to leave.

  16. I predicted this outcome but like I said I'm still not letting anyone off the hook for it. In fact, those who are responsible for it can expect a phone call from one of Taylor's attorneys.



    Legal advice.
  17. Updated the Camila section with the two new songs and also with the single/promo songs that aren't on the album.

  18. That's My Girl??? or Down?
  19. Seriously, if "That's My Girl" goes out now I'm sending out a search party for everyone's collective taste.