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Fifth Harmony Rate

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by GhettoPrincess, Sep 19, 2017.

  1. Oh okay, I'm liking your taste though.

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  2. Brave Honest Beautiful is getting a 10 from me, don't worry!
  3. Oh, good. I thought it was some sort of Popjustice rule that anything involving Meghan Trainor must be tanked.
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  4. Not for me, I really like her! Sledgehammer won't be getting my 11, although it won't get lower than a 9.
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  5. Happy about all this Brave Honest Beautiful love, because I was worried it would be underrated.
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  6. Fun idea for a rate @GhettoPrincess ! I'm going to try to get you my scores in time but work is crazy lately so I make no promises on the extras and Camilla sections (those are optional right?) Also please feel free to tag harass me closer to the deadline if you don't have my votes.

    Looking at these albums again I thought the new self titled album and 7/27 were going to be my obvious faves overall but then I remembered Top Down is on Reflection and now I don't even know what to think. Top Down is seriously a contender for my 11.
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  7. As far as the new 5H and Camilla eras go for me single wise, it's...

    He Like That > Havana > Down > Crying In The Club
  8. Yay, yes the solo work and Camila sections are both optional. Feel free to send me your rankings bit by bit, like most of the voters so far have done, if that helps.
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  9. Ohhh I avoided singling out my favorite voices, but I see now it wasn't necessary... Well, I'll take it into account for 7/27 and the last album.

    Better Together: 5,21 9x1, 2x2
    Reflection: 5,37 10x2, 2x2
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  10. Did they tell you @Florencia. was a savage? No but seriously a few of my fave songs just got super low scores haha. I'm excited to see the next scores for the albums. I have a feeling the extras & unreleased section might be crying after she scores them.
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  11. We have another different 11. Keeping things interesting.

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  12. I'd be surprised if anyone picks the same 11 as me.
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  13. I'm intrigued, is your 11 an album track then?
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  14. Does anyone have a link to the Juan Gabriel feature, "Vienes o Voy"? The YouTube link doesn't work for me (I even tried while using a VPN app), and it still didn't work
  15. Does this Spotify link work?

    Also just wanna share that your 7/27 scores bring me both joy (mostly) and sadness (just a little....), also one of your scores has put a contender for the top spot out of the running currently. DRAMA!
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  16. It does, thank you!

    Ohhh, really? Was it one of my lowest scores? Now I'm curious haha
  17. No it's one of your 7's so not a bad score at all. It's just very close at the moment.
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  18. It might be...
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  19. I’d love to do this, I’ve never done a rate before but I’m crazy busy at the moment and I haven’t listened to the EP or a lot of the unreleased tracks. If I have time I’ll definitely try!
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  20. No worries if not but it'd be great to have you take part.