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Fifth Harmony

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by Vasilios, Feb 22, 2017.

  1. Those 15 seconds sound so good
  2. Sounds amazing.
  3. I know they literally JUST split up but the last part of this interview really shows how there was no drama and they really did just want to discover what they could do as soloist, but will probably get together again in a couple of years (judging by how quick her response was):
  4. The interviewer giving it "15-20 years down the line". Mess.

    I can see them doing a few performances in maybe 2-3 years time. I don't know if we'll ever get new music but performances I'm sure.

    I'd love it if they did a reunion show in a couple years with Camila involved too.
  5. Honestly it depends on how all their solo music goes but if Camila's continues to be a success then I highly doubt she'll be doing a reunion show.
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  6. Oh yeah I wasn't really including Camila, the situation was different with her (the drama and all) and I personally like them way more without her.
  7. It would be interesting to know why they called it quits, to predict what capacity they'll come back in. Did the girls genuinely just want a break after six years? Did Epic give up on them after the underperformance of the last album? They own the brand, so in theory they could have looked around at other labels if they were insistent on carrying on.
  8. I wonder if one of them ever will tell all. Would be good to hear.
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  9. They were not having hits.
  10. Being a popstar is great until you cant hit higher than bottom half top 100
  11. At least you get a dozen or two of fans on
  12. Oh, is this not in Comeback Corner yet?
  13. Wait, they broke up?

    Just as I was getting into Miss Movin On!
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  14. I hope you enjoy Down in 2022.
  15. If only you knew how realistic this may be.
    I'm creating chronological playlists. I started theirs in November, and I am currently on Track 4 of Juntos (Walmart Exclusive EP).
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  16. It’s over! They played their last show of the year last night in Florida.
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  17. I watched clips from the final song of the night. It didn't really seem like they were about to go their separate ways.
  18. Pretty sure they'll come back together sooner rather than later. Now that they all get along the only reason not to would be if one of them becomes a break out star, which I can't see happening at this stage. Then again, I thought the same about Camila...
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  19. I'm sure they had dates in Iceland and Brazil too? Were they quietly cancelled like the Australian dates?