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Films About Boys Who Love Boys

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jono, Jul 24, 2009.

  1. I’m dying to see BPM. Annoying it isn’t out here until April.
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  2. Bugger, that's made me teary (not good when watching at my desk at work). That line "..maybe part of me wants to hold on to who I’ve always been just a littler bit longer..." did it! Wow!

    Looks cute though, love the alternative "coming outs" at the end!
  3. I'd forgotten the content of the dad's little chat with Elio at the end of Call Me By Your Name.

    Now I'm melancholy and wish I was a skinny teenager all over again.
  4. I thought the dad (and the mom) came to life in the movie, in a sense that they didn't in the book. The mom driving Elio back from Bergamo was a lovely detail.
  5. Definitely. The drive back to the villa such was such a nice, yet heartbreaking scene. Even the small glances you would catch them making said a whole lot, which was one of the many subtleties I enjoyed in the film.

    Plus the mum was always looking fabulous with a cigarette in her hand. I loved both the parents.
  6. They cut out my favourite part of the book though which was where Oliver and Elio went to Rome and were fawned over by the glamourous intelligentsia. It just appealed to me as I wish I could be the kind of person to just hang out in Parisian or Roman bookstores or cafes having witty banter with the locals. Of course this would be several decades ago aswell….
  7. Just finished this part in the audiobook. I think it maybe would have prolonged the film, but I loved it also.
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  8. Yeah, it seemed a bit weird to replace Rome with Bergamo. To you Americans, this is a bit like replacing New York with... Minneapolis.

    I think I missed Vimini the most from the book.
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  9. Apparently it was never on the cards because, as you say, it would have made the film 3 hours long (so what I say!). Apparently it would also have been far too expensive.

    I find this news interesting.

    The question is whether everybody involved would want to sign up to more films. I doubt it.
  10. He


    I think the actors, especially Armie Hammer had such an intense and gratifying experience that he's already said he would do it in a heartbeat.

    Timothee seems also quite grateful about this project, and the accolades it has brought and could bring him still seem like quite an incentive to do other films.

    I'm thinking it could be a bit like Before Sunrise et al, where they might happen at some point, but it's not like they will sign up for sequels. Some groundwork is there already in the epilogue (which I found devastating and great), though the director wants to explore other relationships too.

    I really appreciated how they handled Marcia. Their last scene was gorgeous.
  11. ANOTHER thing I appreciated about the film... how Marcia was handled. I loved how the mother was like, “come over for dinner”. And when Elio was on the drive home, Marcia was so gracious with the way she handled seeing him again.

    Literally in a CMBYN haze at the moment, and I first saw the film way over a month ago. Love My Way is on repeat. Urgh I think it’s THAT good.
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  12. I only just saw the film this afternoon. I'm still a bit emotional and now I've just found out it got 3 Golden Globe nominations. Best Film, Best Actor: Drama and Best Supporting Actor.
  13. I went through a little phase of gay YA books cos I was writing something similar. Simon vs The Homosapien Agenda was... very ok. Not great but better than Boy Meets Boy which I really hated.
  14. “I’m straight”

    I cackled at that bit.
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  15. Finally gonna see Call Me By Your Name on saturday
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  16. The very nature of Call Me By Your Name makes me question how... sequels would work. A searing summer love on the cusp of adulthood - what kind of story does that give you five years down the line? The American being married and coming back for another go? I just don't see it. Then again I haven't read the book and someone mentioned other characters, so I might be wrong. In general I wish people would let great art just be great and as is (here's looking at you, second season of Big Little Lies).
  17. This is hard to talk about without spoiling the book, but there's a significant part of the book that was left out from the movie.
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  18. What is BPM?
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  20. Have a lovely day! Take tissues! Where is it still playing? I would love to see it in an actual cinema.

    I saw it online somewhere, I was so desperate….
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