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Films About Boys Who Love Boys

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jono, Jul 24, 2009.

  1. I read the book and it misses out my favourite bit but I can't see how that could be brought back into the story given the setting for their trip was changed. Also the character written out of the first film could hardly be reintroduced in subsequent films.

    I also don't get how sequels could be made unless they focus on Elio's parents or Marcia which…. would be such a different prospect why not just make a different unconnected film?
  2. Im from the Netherlands, it premiered here last week.
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  3. I was thinking of the final chapters that take place 15 respectively 20 years into the future.
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  6. 120 BPM was extremely powerful, wow. Those last 20 minutes.

    Definitely going to check it out when it gets released here, as I think the English subtitles I used were a little off.
  7. I saw Call Me By Your Name yesterday, it was quite sweet! A bit long but alright.
  8. I'm more perched than I should be for Love, Simon.
  9. Tickets for a train to God's Own Country now. I watched it last night. The main character is so annoying. The immigrant farmer is hot. It IS a bit Brokeback Mountain-y, but even more bleak and more English.

  10. Another trailer for Love, Simon.
    So adorbs.
  11. I actual adore that boys face and the sound of his voice. Cannot wait to see this.
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  12. The book its based on is very very cute.
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  13. People keep complaining how he doesn't seem or act gay enough. It's true that he's not effeminate in any way but that doesn't mean that he will portray the character in a derogatory fashion.
  14. Aren't people with such complaints perpetuating the same stereotype they usually claim to be against for?
  15. Oh for fucks sake, really?! In this day and age! That makes me sad.

    HOWEVER, that trailer is still utterly adorable, I fear I might weep buckets, however, I might also be distracted from that every time Simon's dad(dy) is on screen.....yum!
  16. I just watched “Heartstone”, from Iceland. Nothing new storywise, a closeted teen falls for his straight best friend, but it took the different step of showing most of the story from the POV of the straight friend. I thought it was lovely.
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  17. I just finished 120 beats per minute and... wow. It's a gut punch. I recommend it but be prepared for a grim and unflinching look at the AIDS crisis but also at the power of community and activism. Those guys were heroes.
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  18. I watched this a few months back and thought it was just wonderful. Really heart wrenching.
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  19. Where are people watching 120 BPM?
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