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Films About Boys Who Love Boys

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Jono, Jul 24, 2009.

  1. To use a forum metaphor, I had to catch a train.
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  2. I have been following this web series since 2012 or 2013... It is QUITE wholesome at times but matures quite a lot and I ended up crying my eyes out at the finale (I am not a crier).

    It is worth the pay off... but I am warning you that it is very ... innocent?

  3. Is it good?
  4. So here is your 2018 updated list of every queer(ish) title mentioned so far. I can't vouch for the quality or even queerness of them all but they have all at least been mentioned in this thread.

    Films & Short Stories

    4th Man Out (2016) US

    9 Dead Gay Guys (2002) UK

    A Girl Like Me: The Gwen Araujo Story (2006) US TV movie

    A Home At The End Of The World (2004) US

    A Single Man (2009) US

    A Very British Sex Scandal (2007) UK TV movie

    A Very Natural Thing (1974) US

    Adventures Of Priscilla: Queen Of The Desert (1994) Aus

    Alexander (2004) US

    All Over The Guy (2001) US

    And The Band Played On (1993) US

    Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros / The Blossoming Of Maximo Oliveros (2005) Phillipines

    Another Country (1984) UK

    Another Gay Movie (2006) US

    Antique Bakery (2008) Korean

    As Good As It Gets (1997) US

    As You Are (2016) US

    Beach Rats (2017) US

    Beautiful Thing (1996) UK

    Beauty (2011) South Africa

    Bedrooms & Hallways (1998) UK

    Before Night Falls (2000) US

    Beira-Mar / Sea Shore (2015) Brazil

    Bent (1997) UK

    Big Eden (2000) US

    Birdcage (1996) US

    Blue Is The Warmest Colour (2013) France

    Borstal Boy (2000) UK/Eire

    Boy Culture (2006) US

    Boyfriends (1996) UK

    Boys Don't Cry (1999) US

    Boys In The Band (1970)

    BPM (Beats Per Minute) (2017) France

    Braeorabylta / Wresting (2007) Iceland

    Breakfast On Pluto (2005) Eire

    Breakfast With Scot (2007) Can

    Bridegroom (2013) US

    Brokeback Mountain (2005) US

    Broken Hearts Club (2000) US

    Bruno & Earlene Go to Vegas (2013) US

    Bubble (2006) Israel

    But I'm A Cheerleader! (1999) US

    C.R.A.Z.Y. (2005) Can

    Call Me By Your Name (2017) US

    Christopher And His Kind (2011) UK TV Movie

    Ciao (2008) US

    Clapham Junction (2007) UK TV Movie

    Closet Monster (2015) Canada

    Color Purple (1985) US

    Comedian (2012) UK

    Contracorriente / Undertow (2009) Peru

    Cowboys & Angels (2003) Eire

    Cuatro Lunas / 4 Moons (2014) Mexico

    Curiosity Of Chance (2006) US

    Cut Sleeve Boys (2007) UK / Hong Kong

    Daddy (2015) US

    Dare (2009) US

    Date And Switch (2014) US

    Departure (2015) UK

    Die Mitte Die Welt / Centre Of My World (2016) Germany

    Different For Girls (1996) UK

    Dirty Girl (2010) US

    Do Começo ao Fim / From Beginning To End (2009) Brazil

    Donne-moi le main / Give Me Your Hand (2008) French

    Dream Boy (2008) US

    Du er ikke alene / You Are Not Alone (1978) Denmark

    Eastern Boys (2013) France

    Eating Out (2004) US

    Edge Of Seventeen (1998) US

    El Sexo de los Ángeles / Sex Of Angels (2012) Spain

    En la gama de los grises / In The Grayscale (2014) Chile

    Esteros (2016) Argentina

    Eyes Wide Open (2009) Israel

    Far From Heaven (2002) US

    Fit (2010) UK

    Five Dances (2013) US

    Forgive & Forget (2000) UK

    Freier Fall (2013) Ger

    Fruit Machine (1988) UK

    G.B.F. (2013) US

    Geography Club (2013) US

    Get Real (1998) UK

    Getting Go: The Go Doc Project (2013) US

    Glue - Historia adolescente en medio de la nada (2006) Argentina

    God’s Own Country (2017) UK

    Gods & Monsters (1998) US

    Gouttes d'eau sur pierres brûlantes / Water Drops On Burning Rocks (2000) France

    Greek Pete (2009) UK

    Handsome Devil (2016) Ireland

    Happy Together (1997) Hong Kong

    Hawaii (2013) Argentina

    Head On (1998) Aus

    Heartbeats (2010) Canada

    Heavenly Creatures (1994) UK

    Heights (2004) US

    Henry Gamble's Birthday Party (2015) US

    History Boys (2006) UK

    Hjartasteinn / Heartstone (2016) Iceland

    Hoje Eu Quero Voltar Sozinho / The Way He Looks (2014) Brazil

    Holding The Man (2015) Aus

    How To Survive A Plague (2012) US Documentary

    I Am Michael (2015) US

    I Do (2012) US

    I Love You Phillip Morris (2009) US

    I Want Your Love (2010) US

    Il sapore del grano / The Flavour Of Corn (1986) Italy

    In A Heartbeat (2017) US

    In Bloom (2013) US

    Into The Lion's Den (2011) US

    J'ai Tué ma mère / I Killed My Mother (2009) Canada

    Jack & Diane (2012) US

    Jeffrey (1995) US

    Jobriath A.D. (2012) US Documentary

    Jongens / Boys (2014) Netherlands

    Juste Une Question D'Amor / Just A Question Of Love (2000) French TV Movie

    Kaboom (2010) US/French

    Kapgang / Speed Walking (2014) Denmark

    Keep The Lights On (2012) US

    Kill Your Darlings (2013) US

    Killing Of Sister George (1968) UK

    King Cobra (2016) US

    L'Inconnu du Lac / Stranger By The Lake (2013) French

    La ley del deseo / Law Of Desire (1987) Spain

    La Mala Educacion / Bad Education (2004) Spain

    Last Summer (2013) US

    Latter Days (2003) US

    Laurence Anyways (2012) Canada

    Le Fate Ignoranti / His Secret Life (2001) Italy

    Le Temps Qui Reste / Time To Leave (2005) France

    Leave It On The Floor (2011) Can

    Les Chansons d'amour / Love Songs (2007) France

    Les Roseaux Sauvages / Wild Reeds (1994) France

    Like It Is (1998) UK

    Lilting (2014) UK

    Line Of Beauty (2006) UK

    Living End (1992) US

    Loev (2017) India

    Longtime Companion (1989) US

    Love, Simon (2018) US

    Love Is Strange (2014) Fra / US

    Ma Vie En Rose (1997) Belgium

    Making Love (1982) US

    Mala Mala (2014) Puerto Rico

    Mala Noche / Bad Night (1985) US

    Mambo Italiano (2003) Can

    Maurice (1987) UK

    Milk (2008) US

    Mixed Kebab (2012) Belgium

    Moonlight (2016) US

    Mudge Boy (2003) US

    Mulligans (2008) Canada

    My Beautiful Launderette (1985) UK

    My Brother The Devil (2012) UK

    My Own Private Idaho (1991) US

    My Own Private River (2012) US

    Mysterious Skin (2004) US

    No Night Is Too Long (2002) UK TV Movie

    Noordzee, Texas / North Sea, Texas (2011) Flemish

    Object Of My Affection (1998) US

    Opposite Of Sex (1998) US

    Other People (2016) US

    Out In The Dark (2012) Israel

    Oy Vey My Son is Gay! (2009) US

    Pariah (2011) US

    Paris Is Burning (1990) US Documentary

    Parting Glances (1986) US

    Patrik 1,5 (2008) Swe

    Philadelphia (1993) US

    Plan B (2009) Argentina

    Plata Quemada / Burnt Money (2000) Argentina /Spain / Uruguay

    Poison (1991) US

    Prayers For Bobby (2009) US TV Movie

    Preist (1994) UK

    Presque Rien / Come Undone (2000) France

    Pretty Boy (2017)

    Prick Up Your Ears (1986) UK

    Pride (2014) UK

    Raging Sun, Raging Sky (2009) Mexico

    Rangle River (1936) Aus

    Rebel Without A Cause (1955) US

    Remembering The Man (2016) Australian Documentary

    Rent (2005) US

    Rock Haven (2007) US

    Romeos (2011) Germany

    Rope (1948) US

    Save Me (2007) US

    Shank (2009) UK

    Shelter (2007) US

    Shortbus (2006) US

    Silent Youth (2012) Germany

    Slash (2016) US

    Soft Lad (2015) UK

    Solo (2013) Argentina

    Something Like Summer (2014) US

    Sommersturm (2004) Germany

    Speech & Debate (2017) US

    Stonewall (2015) US

    Sum Of Us (1994) Aus

    Sunday Bloody Sunday (1971) UK

    Swoon (1992) US

    Tangerine (2015) US

    Te Prometo Anarquia / I Promise You Anarchy (2015) Mexico

    The 10 Year Plan (2014) US

    The Dreamers (2003) US

    The Love Patient (2011) US

    The Normal Heart (2014) US

    The Pass (2016) UK

    The Skinny (2012) US

    Those People (2015) US

    Tiger Orange (2014) US

    Tom At The Farm (2013) Canada

    Tom Of Finland (2017) Finland

    Torch Song Trilogy (1988) US

    Total Eclipse (1995) Eur

    Tots Els Camins De Deu / The Ways Of Man (2014) Spain

    Tout Contre Leo (2002) France

    Tropical Malady (2004) Thai

    Uncle Howard (2016) UK/US Documentary

    Unconditional Love (2002) US

    Unconditional (2012) UK

    Urbania (2000) US

    Vampire Boys (2011) US

    Velvet Goldmine (1998) US

    Voor een verloren soldaat / For A Lost Soldier (1992) Netherlands

    We Were Here (2011) US

    Weekend (2011) UK

    Wet Hot American Summer (2001) US

    Were The World Mine (2008) US

    Wilde (1997) UK

    Wings (1927) US

    Wise Kids (2011) US

    Women Who Kill (2016) US

    Worried About The Boy (2010) UK

    Xenia (2014) Greece

    You Can't Curry Love (2009) India

    You're Killing Me (2015) US

    Yossi & Jagger (2002) Israel

    Series & Serial Dramas

    Antique Bakery (2000) Japanese manga

    Barracuda (2016) Australia

    Dante's Cove (2005-) US

    Days of Our Lives - Will & Sonny (2012-2015, 2017-) US

    Degrassi – Marco, Riley & Zane, Tristan & Miles (2001-2014) Canada

    El Cor de la Ciutat - Max & Iago (2001-2009) Spain

    Emmerdale (2008-) UK

    Eyewitness (2016) US

    Fisica o Quimica - Fer & David (2008-2011) Spain

    The Fosters - Jude (2013-) US

    Glee (2009-2015) US

    Gute Zeiten, schlechte Zeiten - Lenny & Carsten (2008-2010) Germany

    Hollyoaks (2008-) UK

    The Lair (2007-) US

    London Spy (2015) UK

    Looking (2014-15) US

    Morangos com Açúcar - Fabio & Nuno (2009) Portugal

    Oyevitne (2014) Norway

    Paradise Falls (2001-2008) Canada

    Please Like Me - Josh (2013-2016) Aus

    Queer As Folk (1999-2000) UK

    Queers (2017) UK

    RAW - Geoff & Pavel (2008-2012) Ireland

    Salatut Elamat - Elias & Lari (2012-2017) Finland

    Sense 8 – Lito & Hernando (2015-) US

    Shameless – Mickey & Ian (2011-) US

    SKAM - Even & Isak (2016-2017) Norway

    Torka aldrig tårar utan handskar / Don't Ever Wipe Tears Without Gloves (2012) Swedish

    Verbotene Liebe - Tom & Ulli, Christian & Olli (1999-2013) Germany
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  5. Law of Desire is fucking hot. Always here for Antonio Banderas mano e mano-ing it up.
  6. I mean, I assume Call Me by Your Name isn't on here because it's so obvious.
  7. DOH!

    Yeah it's so obvious I didn't even check.
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  8. I watched Call Me blabla today.

    Loved it, duh.

    And that ending with the closeup while the credits rolled... damn.
  9. The moment my emotions went from a respectable welling of tears to complete and total sobbing.
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  10. American hunties really should watch My Beautiful Launderette. It's tender like Call Me By Your Name.

    And Daniel Day Lewis really just goes for it. Fucking hot beast.
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  11. Torka aldrig tårar utan handskar / Don't Ever Wipe Tears Without Gloves really is terrific. Jonas Gardell who wrote both the script and the books that the series is based on has also written another series series called De Halvt Dolda. It's very easy to find online with subtitles. I don't know how well translated it is, but I highly recommend it. It's not as gay focused as Don't Ever Wipe Tears Without Gloves, but it's damn good TV.
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  12. I watched God's Own Country a few weeks ago and it's like the anti-Call Me by Your Name. It just feels so barren and harsh where CMBYN feels so lush and erotic but still, it's so beautiful and romantic when it wants to be. And by God, the Romanian guy is drop dead gorgeous. Recommended.
  13. I really enjoyed God's Own Country too, despite the lead actually being a bit of a git (purhaps understandably), and yes, the Romanian guy! Swoons!
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  14. Bedrooms & Hallways (1998) deserves a place on that list.
  15. This is amazing! So many to catch up on!

    I would add "Heartstone" (2016) from Iceland, i think it was mentioned a few pages back, but its an fantastic movie.
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  16. It's there! Hjartasteinn I try to use the original language. Will check it out thanks!
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  17. This was 90 years ago.


  18. I watched both The Pass & Soft Lad today and enjoyed both.
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  19. Very excited for this. If I'm being honest, visually it looks a bit CW but I am elated there will be a mainstream teen movie about a gay person. I hope it's a massive success.
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  20. Same here. To be honest, I'm expecting it to be cute but not a masterpiece, but it's great to see such a mainstream-style movie about a gay kid. Kind of like how a lot of the current string of female-fronted crude humor comedies can vary wildly in quality, but all the same, they're normalizing the idea of female-led movies in a genre that's typically dominated by males.
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