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Fleur East - Uptown Funk (iTunes #1 Smash)

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by Saturdays4Eva, Dec 7, 2014.

  1. I've championed her since she first appeared on the programme and I am so so proud! She deserves to win this competition so much, she has everything that a pop star needs.

    I also cannot believe I've had 'One In A Million' in my iTunes for so long and yet didn't realise it was Fleur as the feature.
  2. If they've got any sense they'll spend a year on her album, but get her featured on the next Rudimental album to keep people interested.
  3. It's such a shame she's so vocally limited
  4. I like Fleur as a winner for the simple reason that she was never even considered anything more than filler.

    She wasn't on anyone's radar until judges houses so she's not had the story to back her up.
  5. It's very true. So much effort is spent on certain contestants pre-live shows with long VTs and #journeys - Fleur clearly wasn't a producers favourite early on.
  6. This is completely true, she doesn't even sound that great on it, which is highlighted when you can't see the spectacle and performance going on.
  7. RJF


    I honestly don't care how Fleur sounded. Everything else she was doing on stage - performing with buckets of attitude and stage presence, nailing the choreography, and in general making me sit up and pay attention to the show for the first time in ages - makes an unremarkable vocal the last thing on my list of priorities. It was a small part of a bigger, more exciting overall package. She had the X Factor in spades. Compare her to Andrea, who was vocally faultless but could only move three steps and mugs, gurns, and spasms his way through each showboating, histrionic performance, or Lauren, who threatened to cause the stage and studio to collapse in on everyone from simply being a howling black hole of charisma, and Fleur comes away pretty much breaking the competition this year.
  8. It's a combination of the fact that she delivered of the fact that she delivered one of the best performances in X Factor history and the fact that it is a brand new, unreleased and conveniently brilliant song. The stars aligned.
  9. BTG


    That article is bang on the money and if they have any sense, it should be used as a blueprint for what next year should be if they want to stop the viewers bleeding away, even if they can't tempt any old ones back in the process.

    My only worry is that it's not easily replicated and they might misunderstand why it worked so well. It wasn't just the song - no one wants to see a 50 year old Tesco Mary type belting out All About The Bass next year simply because it's modern. And it wasn't just because it was uptempo - I'd rather see acts like Lauren do a ballad well as opposed to an uptempo awfully (the only problem is that Lauren has no charisma whatsoever to pull it off). I mean, even I've found the majority of Fleur's performances tepid as fuck, only memorable because everyone else is so shit. But this week, to steal one of Simon's soundbites, who Fleur would be as a recording artist and she sold it to hell and back. That's why it worked.

    The only problem is the lack of consistency. Lest we forget that a few performances earlier, they had her attempting to belt out a tired Mariah Carey track (classic as it may be) despite the fact that she has nowhere near the vocal chops, couldn't put her spin on it, couldn't deliver a great dance performance to it, and only ever would look inferior to the original. The song selection badly needs an overhaul.
  10. I really couldn't care less that she didn't sound 'amazing' during that performance. Just compare her singing with any other big award show performance we've had lately and it was at least on par with that, and I can't ask for anything more.
  11. The performance was brilliant and I hope that Fleur will be a success after X Factor ends, because she really deserves it.
  12. What is the solution that magazine provides though? This series has had current song choices when the theme has fit. All About The Bass, Thinking Out Loud, Chandelier, Wrecking Ball, Dark Horse were all shit to mediocre and thats a mix of ballads and up tempos, so the solution isn't just more current song choices. It's not just up tempos either because some contestants just cannot handle that at all (Lauren's Dark Horse for example).

    So then it seems like the recommendation would be to just get great performers like Fleur as contestants? Easy to say but very tough to do, half the popstars working out there can't pull off an all round performance like her Uptown Funk. The program has probably had about 4 or 5 contestants who can sing and properly perform across its whole run, last one being either Cher Lloyd or Little Mix. Surely the awfulness of this year is mainly just due to the format being tired and the talent pool running dry?
  13. In the least surprising news ever - Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars have brought the release forward to tonight.
  14. I kinda want the Ronson/ Mars version to be Christmas No.1 now, sorry Fleur.
  15. The fact my listeners are complaining it's unfair to Fleur they moved the real single's release forward shows me people already see Fleur as an established popstar, and her version of the song a legitimate release. That is amazing.
  16. Winner's Single is for charity and potentially epic. Depends really on what Fleur does on Saturday/Sunday.
  17. What is the winners single?
  18. Watched the performance again. Too good.

    She is totally gonna do All About That Bass with Megan isn't she? Ugh.
  19. It's been quite quiet this year. Though apparently they've each got a potential winner's single this year like in 2010, which is good news for Fleur.