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FOUR WEEKS LEFT - The Indie/Alt Pop/Not-quite-'Mainstream'-but-still-accessible Girls 2017 Rate!!1

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by constantino, Oct 23, 2017.

  1. I already had you on the 'probable voters' list, sis x

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  2. I have my own rate I do throughout the year, and I like being precise so I go by tenths in decimal points and not just .5. For your ease of use, I can round them to .5 and .0 only, though.

    I still have to listen to Muna though. And I'm not looking forward to it. But I'll keep an open mind.
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  3. Time for our next FYC album! I'm making good progress with the research for the write-ups, which is just as well because I have a heap of deadlines approaching (eek). I'm gonna try and do one of these every Friday until voting closes but I can't promise anything...

    FYC #2 - Kedr Livanskiy - Ariadna


    Genre: Avant-garde electronica, 'Indietronica', Techno

    Continuing with the whole 'I know this won't appeal to most of you but I just wanted to share' route these FYCs seem to be going down, I wanted to bring to light one of my favourite musical discoveries of the past year in the form of Russian singer/songwriter/producer - Kedr Livanskiy. I'm sure many of you will not have come across her before (unless you've delved into the 'next big things' sub-forum...or have ever joined me for a session ddd.)

    I'm proud to be introducing you all to the world of female-produced techno/avant-garde electronica through Kelly Lee Owen's stunning 'Lucid', and trust me, I have a whole essay prepared on why it's such an important addition to this rate for me...when it gets wrongfully eliminated before the top 50 grr. Until then, you can read my incoherent rambling about an album full of music sang in a language I don't understand (suddenly the unnie is me!). Side note: I've always wanted to learn Russian because it's basically the third most-spoken language in Cyprus and I've always loved the elements of Russian culture I observed whenever I visited my family as a kid, so maybe that explains why I gravitated towards this so much.

    I stumbled upon the title track 'Ariadna' on a late-night Soundcloud binge and was instantly entranced by the luscious, etherial soundscapes. What made me return to this song in particular so many times was the strong pop sensibility it has; much like Lucid, it has structure, hooks and a sense of direction that a lot of techno lacks to the 'untrained ear'. I got into electronic music in a big way in my mid-teens, when I was at a point in my life where I was fed up with people and wanted to find escapism without whoring around or abusing substances, both options being right on my doorstep. Of course, being the neurotic mess that I am, I opted to spend most nights locked in my room listening to techno and reading communist literature. Anyway, back to the album I'm meant to be's pretty fucking great.

    Besides the title track (BOP, tbh), there isn't much of a 'pop' access point, although 'Your Name', 'Love & Cigarettes' and 'Za Oknom Vesna' also pop off a bitsy. My recommendation would just be to light a candle, make a brew, turn out the lights (by Julien Baker, available to buy and stream NOW!) and dive straight in. It's only 9 tracks long, but each song is very much its own little world that you can immerse yourself in for a few's thrilling, really. The fact that I don't know what the hell she's singing makes it all the more impactful; Kedr's voice acts as an added instrumental layer to the luscious and varied soundscapes that she builds (it helps that Russian one of the most sonically pleasing languages in the world). Beyond the twinkling synths, catchy break beats and the general sheen of the album, there is a sense of darkness to be found that I really respond to; there is almost a void created whenever she stops singing, which can be unnerving and even haunting at points.

    So yeah, if you fancy something a little different and are in need of some late-night escapism, I highly recommend this beauty of a record.


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  4. I'm so excited for this rate and really don't know if my 11 is going to St. Vincent or Lorde yet (probably St Vincent since just about everyone loves Melodrama). However, after a few listens, I think I'm gonna make a few enemies with anyone who likes Charli XCX...
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  5. Ddddd this video and gif combination is too much. Good. Bye.
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  6. Honestly thank you for noticing, that gif took me weeks to find.
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  7. But have you seen this one?
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  8. Seriously sis those extras songs..

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  9. @constantino ddd I'm on my phone and this site never fucking works properly
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  10. DDD I didn't see the spoiler tag at first so I had a drag written up and ready to go!

    No seriously though, y'all telling me that you like the extras fills me with joy because I spent ages picking those songs! x
  11. We have another voter!

    Thanks @dylanaber!

    I can't stress how much I appreciate early voters (i.e. before December *nudge nudge wink wink*)...
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  12. Seriously debating whether or not to hold off my final scores until after I see St Vincent live. Seeing as its already my highest rated album, it feels a little unfair...

    (also I already know Charli fans are gonna hate me, but beyond some clear standouts the whole MUNA album isn't wowing me)
  13. Wow yeah I hate you too.
  14. I'm pretty sure Charli and MUNA will be two of the highest albums anyway cause their sound is very PJ and they have a big following here.
  15. I've been seeing too much MUNA revisionism to feel secure enough about that.
  16. I mean "I Know A Place" is untouchably perfect, and there are a few other great pop songs on About U, but a lot of the slower stuff hasn't connected for me. I adore their cover of Tegan and Sara's "Relief Next to Me" but after all the hype about the album, I was a bit let down.
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  17. The Muna album is very good, but the vocals are an issue for me. I Know A Place is indeed perfect.
  18. Yas you'll all be too busy fighting over controversial MUNA scores to notice I've sunk Number 1 Angel.

  19. MUNA's album is... not the tea. My scores will reflect accordingly.
  20. [​IMG]

    and yet NONE of you have sent me your scores...